Gym- All you need to know to choose the right one


Are you one of the many people who have made a New Year resolution to start going to the gym and go healthy this year? If yes, then besides the commitment, you also need to know which gym and membership to buy.

There are so many around offering competitive packages at competitive prices, choosing the right one can get difficult. So instead of paying for the wrong package and repenting it later on, here’s a checklist to help you choose the best for you.

Type of Gym

Find out what the gym specializes in because some of them specialize on a certain fitness activity like martial arts or Cross fit training. They are worth joining if you have a good fitness level. However if it’s the first time, then it’s better to go to a generic one.

Additional classes

Sometimes you may not want to just do weights. If this is the case join a gym offering various classes like zumba, Pilates or yoga. Check out the timings and rates offered for these classes and choose one with the perfect package and classes for you.


Available equipment

Do not assume that all the gymnasiums have the same equipment. Of course, most of them have regular cardio and strength training equipment. So treadmills, step machines, exercise bikes and weights are quite common.

There is however some with additional equipment like Matrix equipment. And if you have any specific health and fitness goals, then look around for one that can help you.

Condition of equipment

Don’t forget to visit various gyms and make your final choice based on the condition of the equipment. Better conditioned equipment is always better and safer to use while exercising.

Location of Gym

The gym’s location affects your dedication to going to it. There’s a better chance of your going regularly if it’s conveniently located for you. You naturally have an additional reason to not go if it’s located far away or difficult to reach.

Operating times

Most gyms in India are not open 24/7, so look for one that’s open at least at a convenient time for you. Try to stick to a fixed time every day, but if it’s a bit difficult for you, then look for one offering flexible opening hours. Of course, if you are lucky enough to have gyms open 24/7 in your city, you can pop in anytime for a workout!


Make your choice based on the facilities it offers. Some of them may have private showers and restrooms while others may have coffee or juice bars creating a social atmosphere. While these facilities are not a necessity for most people, it may be a factor to consider, especially with rates.

Only for women

It’s difficult to get a women’s only gym. However most have different timings for women and men. So if you are particular bout exercising only in with women or are uncomfortable with men, then this may be an additional factor to consider.

Personal trainer

It is always better to have a personal trainer to train you. Especially if you are new at it. They will teach you the right exercises to do, and the right way to perform them. They can also be a source of motivation if you are finding it difficult to remain committed to your exercise regimen.


This is obviously the most important criterion for choosing your gym and package. There is a lot of variance when it comes to rates and packages. Most of them generally offer great rebates if you buy an annual membership.

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