How to Wake up Early Morning Daily?

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We have all been there. All of us have those moments of euphoria when we feel like we can change the world and the next moment we again fall victim to our poor lifestyle choices and bad habits. We make lofty plans after being motivated by YouTube videos but when the time comes to execute them we realize that we actually need to work towards our goal.

One cannot emphasize enough the multiple benefits of waking up early. Waking up early balances our circadian rhythm and hormonal balance which in turn brings about overall wellbeing.

“Goals are good for setting a direction, but systems are best for making progress.” James Clear, the author of Atomic Habits



The important point is to attach purpose to your goal. You want to lose weight? Well, it is a  great goal. But unless you have a reason behind the goal, you will often find yourself fall out off track and before you know it you will be binge-eating again.

Some people like early mornings because they can get some time for themselves and engage in self-improvement or focused work which the daily commotion does not allow. For some others, it may be exam season while for another group it can be because of the beauty and calm of the early rays of sunshine or enjoying a morning walk in the park.


Many teenagers and older individuals suffer from an inability to sleep at night which makes it impossible to wake up on time and maintain a routine. Some conditions are milder and can be managed with home remedies and lifestyle changes. You can opt for the ways mentioned below too. But for more severe situations it is advisable to consult a physician.

Incorporate these morning routine habits

Do’s: Try these tips for waking up early


Sipping a cup of warm herbal tea like green tea or chamomile tea has shown great results in relaxing the body and inducing sleep. The flowers of Chamomile are known to contain more than 120 constituents, a great number of which are pharmacologically active and provide a soothing effect against sleep disorders or anxiety.


The type of food you consume affects your metabolism and heat production, which in turn affects your sleep cycle. Our metabolic activity follows the circadian rhythm and has a low rate of metabolism at night time. Large amounts of late-night glucose induce nocturnal insulin resistance and reduce fatty acid oxidation. Recurring chronically, these effects may promote obesity. After only one night of monitoring, there were stark differences in health.

Heavy and fatty food like meat for dinner may cause acidity, reduced enzyme secretion which in turn leads to indigestion that affects your sleep.


Waking up early clearly doesn’t imply sacrificing your health and sleep and surviving on 4 hours of sleep every day. The key to any lasting habit change is sustainability. If you have been a late owl till now, you can try by gradually shifting your bedtime 30 min earlier each day. Slowly your sleep cycle will get adjusted in a way you would be able to sleep early and wake up at the desired time.


Plan your morning routine and think of the activity you do as soon as you wake up. If it’s going for a run, then pick out your joggers and clothes the night before.


Most of us lead a sedentary life, working at the office, behind the desk for long hours, and being completely exhausted at the end of the day to hit the gym. You must realize that sleep depends not only on mental fatigue but also on physical exhaustion.

Don’ts: Here are a few things you can avoid if you want to be an early bird.


While you’re trying to unwind to sleep, the light from your electrical device increases the electrical activity of your brain, neurons fire more often, and you find it difficult to calm down leading to a state of anxiety that is often not easily detectable. Moreover, responding to emails, texts, or videos can result in tension in the body. Avoid using your phone or watching shows on television or computer at least an hour before your bedtime.


Post-dinner snacking especially on candies can give you an extra sugar rush that prevents you from falling asleep. It can mess up your sleep schedule. Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean sweets are good after dinner.


One of the major deleterious habits people have is to set multiple alarms and what happens in the morning is you keep on hitting the snooze button and before you realize it, it is 10 am and you are late for your work


“Habits are the compound interest of improvement.”- James Clear

We plan a lot of things in life but all that matters is who ends up executing them at the end of the day. If you want to achieve something, incorporate it into your daily habit. Plan a ritual that is sustainable in the long run. Don’t set lofty goals which are impossible to achieve. Try making daily improvements and keep at it.


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