Bikers-How to Choose the Right Ride for You


After reading the post ‘What 2019 has for Bikers’, I started wondering what the criteria for buying the right bike were. Is it style? Fuel economy? Engine size? Or is it the road conditions? Yes road condition is an additional factor to remember while choosing, and riding bikes in India.

So much goes into selecting a bike. And to make things even more confusing, there are so many types and brands to choose from. After doing some reading, I decided that there were these important points bikers have to to bear in mind while making a selection.

  1. New or old

The used bike market is also rather big. You have so many used bikes to choose from, you tend to wonder which a better buy is- a used or new bike. Well both has their individual advantages, and disadvantages.

Used bikes are a better buy if it’s your first bike and you have just learnt how to ride one. There’s a high chance of your scratching or hitting the bike somewhere as you get used to riding it. Seeing a scratched new bike can get disheartening, especially after spending so much on it!


Besides, used bikes are cheaper to buy, but you have to choose carefully. Some owners sell their bikes because of a problem in it.  While you may get a good deal for the bike, you may have to later spend more money on repairs.

This is why, if you can afford it, buying a new bike may be a better option. While even their insurance costs are higher, you can always buy a new bike through the many available financing options.

If you ask me, I’d say new bikes are a better buy. They serve you better, with minimal complications and problems for some time.

The bike’s body

Bikes come in various shapes and sizes too. You have to choose your bike based on your preferred riding style. You have:

  • Cruisers like the Royal Enfield Thunderfield are perfect for long drives where the seat is similar to leaned back seat of a sofa. You have your feet placed forward while your hands are at about chest level.
  • Sports bikes like the Kawasaki Ninja 300 have handlebars below your chest. So your elbows remain straight while your feet are tucked under or behind the body. They are best for track riders where you can easily make scout around sharp corners and fast lanes.
  • The tourer like the Hero Karizma R is a mix of the cruiser and sports bike. It has a slightly erected riding position while your feet aren’t so far behind. It’s perfect for a comfortable long distance ride.
  • The street bike is better for short and slick traffic driving, with a comprehensive range of bikes to choose from like the Honda BC100R. It offers a more erect and comfortable riding position, perfect while travelling in India’s traffic.
  • Dual purpose or dirt bikes like Ducati Hypermotard comes with a slightly raised saddle height accommodating the additional suspension travel. Dual in purpose, it can be used for both long distance and short city rides.


It’s not enough to just buy a bike. You have to maintain it well so that it serves you well. The amount of maintenance it needs, and costs mainly depends your usage and the number of kilometres you run the bike.

It’s better to choose a bike that doesn’t need much maintenance if you will be using it a lot. The bigger bikes build a bigger maintenance hole in your pocket! But if you won’t be using your bike much, then you needn’t worry much about maintenance or its costs while choosing one.


bikers, choose your bike depending on where you plan to use it. Most bikes like street-fighters are designed for driving on tarred trails. You have to be pickier looking for bikes like the Royal Enfield to drive on desert trails and mountain terrains.

Fuel efficiency or power

You’ll find that bikes come in so many engine sizes ranging from 100cc to even as high as 2000cc. Obviously the larger engines give you more power. But at the same time, these engines consume more fuel, and are not fuel efficient.

You have to choose and decide based on your priorities and necessities; whether you need power or fuel efficiency. If it’s power you want, then look for a machine with a higher cubic capacity. Look for something lower if it’s fuel efficiency you are looking for.

Your physique

Yes, don’t forget to consider your physique! You need to picture yourself on the bike because some bkers may be too tall for your feet and others, too small for you to ride comfortably for long periods. Look for a machine that complements the biker’s personality or rather build and height.


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