Bad Effect of Lead Consumption for Human Beings


Lead is a chemical element which is used in daily used things like car batteries, gym weights, covers of wires. Basically, all you need to know that Lead is poisonous for humans.

But what are the Bad Effect of Lead Consumption for Human Beings. We consume food daily and if these foods may contain in lead-containing surfaces, or by water by lead-contaminated waters, or by air as in the form of lead dust because lead is odourless and invisible.

And when you know that you had lead present inside your body that time it becomes too late.

This is more dangerous for the babies as they are in growing age, their body absorbs things faster. And if it happens then the babies will cause damage to their brains and central nervous system which causes serious health issues.


Lead is one of the highest toxic metals, and it can be also found is art supplies, petrol, and gasoline selling outside of Canada and U.S.

Bad Effect of Lead Consumption for Human Beings

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But what are the symptoms and effects of lead poisoning on the human body? We listed some of the long term effects of lead poisoning

  1. Fatigue
    2.Memory Loss
    3.Kidney Dysfunction
    4.Stomach pain and cramps
    5.Sleep disorders
    6.Loss of appetite
    7.Problem in growth and development in children

Who is at the highest risk?

Everyone is at the risk of exposed to lead because lead is one of the most toxic metals. But kids and young children are at the highest risk of Lead. Because they are at their development age and their bones and organs are growing. And people who are living in developing countries are at higher risk.

How to diagnose this issue?

You can diagnose lead by a simple Blood test it can be detected by the blood test. And if you cannot find traces of Lead then you can also do other tests as well as a bone marrow test, because lead can be stored in bones as well. And to solve this problem you have to find the source of Lead and remove it from any kind of human contact. It takes time to remove the lead percentage from the body and it takes more time with children.

Long Term Effects of Lead Poisoning

As we already told you that you cannot see and smell Lead, or you will never know that you are taking lead in your food or through. You can only find the lead is present inside your body or not by a blood test, and many people only do a blood test when their doctors told them to do so, and it will be late to find that you have lead inside your body.

And that is why we are telling you Long Term Effects of Lead Poisoning in adults.

  • 1. Stomach Pain 2. Constipation 3. Irritation 4. Sickness 5. Muscle Pain 6. Loss

Loss of energy How to prevent?

You can prevent this harmful effects caused by Lead by using some prevention

1. Use cold and mild water for washing and cooking of foods.
2.Wash hands before eating every time with water.
3. Wash the toys used by kids at regular intervals.
4. Check the nearby construction is certified with lead control.
5. Always use lead-free paints for your house painting.
6.Throw away the lead based paint which is imported by other countries.
7. Wash the hands of kids every time after playing with their toys.
8.Do a complete body test once a year.

. These are some of the points and tips to prevent yourself and your kids from the problems caused by Lead.

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