Budget 2019:To boost middle class,lower class and workers


On Thursday, during the presentation of Piyush Goyal’s budget 2019 in Parliament, the country’s peasants and workers’ society came back frequently. The result is in hand of not being able to achieve the confidence of the farmers and workers in the newly elected Vidhan Sabha elections in five states.

In the last few years, the country’s peasants have taken the streets repeatedly to claim their demand. The last budget of the Modi government is the result of that demand. The amount of Prime Minister’s Kishan Samman Nidhi project will be paid directly to the bank account of the farmers, said in the Piyush Goyal’s budget 2019. The farmers whose land is less than 2 hectares, will receive monthly 500 rupees from now, that means yearly 6,000 rupees. The total allocation of the government to the project is 75,000 crore. Finance minister said during the budget presentation that the money will start entering the account very soon.

The central will pay the entire amount of this project. He said that 12 crore farmers of the country will be covered under this project. Not only that, in the budget of 75,000 crores, the expenditure of 20,000 crores in this financial year has been announced. This implies, how fast the center to pour money into the farmers’ account before the Lok Sabha elections.

After the farmers, the workers have been tried to please by the budget. For the workers, a monthly pension of 3,000 penny is announced. For this project, the workers will have to pay 100 rupees per month, On the other hand, the government will give equal amount of money every month. Then, after the age of 60, monthly pension of 3,000 will be paid. It is reported that in the next five years ten million workers of the country will be able to get the benefits of this project.


In addition to this, the interim budget 2019 has been extended to increase the tax free gratuity. It has been increased from 20 lakh to 30 lakh. If you work for more than five years in a company, the owners will be able to avail the tax-free gratuity of up to 3 million from now. The allocation for the 100-day work project was 55,000 crore. The allocation has been increased to 60,000 crore. To improve the rural infrastructure, the amount of 19,000 crore has been alloted for Pradhan Mantri Gram Sarak Yojna. Besides, if a farmer is affected due to natural calamities, they will be given two percent discount on agricultural credit.


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