16 puppies killed: Nursing students arrested


Two nursing students, Moutushi Mondal and Shoma Burman, were arrested on Tuesday after they were seen beating a puppy to death in NRS Medical College, a state-run hospital in Kolkata.

Only a day earlier, the bodies of 16 puppies were found at the hospital. They were discovered in a garbage dump, wrapped in plastic bags. Authorities have also identified the location where the video was shot. Sources said it was a nursing hostel on the campus.

An FIR has been filed (although nobody has been named) under Section 429 of the IPC: the killing or maiming of animals.

After the puppies were found, they were laid out next to each other, eyes closed as if in sleep. One of them had dried blood on the cheek. Police believe that the puppies are died from injuries in the head. The post-mortem report suggests most of them suffered brain haemorrhages.

The chilling video showed two women pummelling a hapless puppy with bamboo sticks.

Then, from a balcony nearby, came a different kind of plea: “Didi, don’t beat them.”

Questions were shot back in reply: What do we do when they bite us when we come back at night? Why don’t you come and take them away?

“If you can’t take them, then don’t complain.”

“We identified nursing students — Moutushi Mondal of the first year and Shoma Burman of second year — seen in the video,” said Dwaipayan Biswas, deputy superintendent at the NRS Medical College and Hospital, according to an IANS

The suspects claimed they were fed up with the puppies, They told that the puppies didn’t allow them to go out of the hostel and moved too close to their feet for comfort.

Charges have been slapped against the duo under several sections of the Indian Penal Code.

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