Surgical airstrike on Pakistan: Many terrorists killed


NEW DELHI: In the early hours of Tuesday, India takes revenge for Pulwama attack. Indian air force aircraft destroyed terror camps. Yesterday night at around 3 pm, 12 Miraj 2000 crossed the control line and attacked. According to sources, 1000 kg of bomb blasts were targeted at terror camps.

It has been reported that the Indian air force’s fighter jets entered Pakistan occupied Kashmir from Balakot sector. Laser-guided attack targeted at one of the biggest terror camps of Jaish-e-mohammad. As a result, it is possible to attack the target accurately.

It is heard that two Pakistani aircraft were also destroyed by the attack. According to Air Force sources, three launch pads of the Jaish-e-mohammad groups have been destroyed in Balakot, Chakoti and Muzaffarabad.

Twelve fighter planes took part in the expedition. Many terror camps are destroyed. About 200 terrorists have died in the incident. After this successful operation, 12 fighters returned to the Indian air force base in Adampur.


It is heard that the Indian army has prepared missiles aimed at Pakistan’s side only after the attack. Miraz 2000, MiG-29 and Suhoi 30 are ready in Ambala, Pathankot, Halwara airfield. Besides, the air force chief has ordered all air forces to keep the missiles ready.

After the incident, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sitting in a high level meeting. Meanwhile, Major General Asif Gafur of Pakistani Army has admitted that the operation was fully acknowledged. He tweeted, Indian fighter had entered the sky of Pakistan. The foreign minister of Pakistan already called for an emergency meeting.


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