Unemployment of India at highest stage in 45 year


The maximum number of unemployment in 45 years has been increased, during the Modi government period. The government’s National Sample Survey’s survey report said that there has been a lot of political debate on the rise of the information. The allegation has been raised, the government has tried to hide this report completely. Because two months ago the report was supposed to be published but it was kept unchecked and released. According to this report, the jobless rate in India in the current financial years is 6.1 percent, the highest in 45 years. Although the policy commission on behalf of the government today called the controversy raised with this report as completely baseless. The policy has cleared, the National Sample Survey Report is still in draft form. That’s not the final.

Meanwhile, this entire debate has caused the Modi government to be severely disheartened because of the fact two members of the Central Statistical Commission, who are directly related to the creation of this report, are protesting against covering the government’s report. One of the two members of the resignation is again acting chairman of the Statistics Commission. Today, the opposition has suppressed the government in the hope that on this issue. Rahul Gandhi directly attacked Narendra Modi and said it is called Namo action! Who said that he would give two million jobs in a year, during his time. 6 million people lost jobs in a financial year. Recently, a slogan of ‘Uri’ movie has been popular, how is the Josh! Today, Rahul said in the face of the slogan, “What is the job!”

There is so much controversy about the report, that the National Sample Survey’s survey report leaked to the media. It turns out that since 1971, this huge amount of unemployment has increased in the country. Unemployment rate reached 6.1 percent. The rate of rural unemployment is 5.3 percent. The city’s unemployment rate is 7.8 percent. According to the report, the total population is mainly the youth’s joblessness. The report of the National Sample Survey was to be published in December. But the government has not released the report, after the resignation of the two members of the statistics commission, controversy has started.


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