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Since the times immemorial, many industries have emerged on the scene and some have vanished. Permanently forever. To sustain in the market, they need to adapt to the demands of the customers and the market. In short, they should constantly innovate themselves. And laundry service comes as one among the industry that has been since the civilization of man. In recent times, even this industry has evolved to a great extent. The revolution has already happened in the way commercial laundry persons do the service and the way they conduct business. In this article, let us discuss on the trends in laundry service in the globe. 

What can you expect from this article on Trends in Laundry Service?

In the European Countries, the members of the Washing Excellence Board have already created a list regarding the expectations in 2030. The list is based on four types of cleaning in the laundry process – Mechanical action, chemical action, temperature effect, and time savings.

Let’s take a look.


A. Mechanical Action

Have you heard about the smart home and the internet of things? In short, this technology is bound to simplify the process of washing. At present, not many clothes have tags that indicate the type of fabric, how it should get washed and other information. In the future, new types of washing machines will be in the market that can detect the fabric, the type of wash it requires and then perform the washing action. 

Let us say, you are an entrepreneur offering laundry services in Bangalore. Your company has a client for a large hotel chain. One day, your client HR organizes a friendly football match for its employees. And after the match, the clothes come to your company for the wash. If you have got a smart washing machine, it will be able to identify the fabric, dirt, sweat and wash as per the need.

In the smart washing machine, the alterations or modifications could be done with ease. So the adjustment will be easy for the best experience.

Did you notice the recent update in businesses? More and more data is being shifted to the cloud, regardless of industry. In the future, you may also shift certain data regarding your client needs to the cloud. So, if you get a large number of clothes from the client, your team can download data from the cloud. Or, you can also introduce the concept of tracking the washing process from the app. The app is connected to the cloud, and a customer will be able to keep track of the process.

Benefits of Smart Technology for Laundry Companies

This topic is regarding the benefits of laundry services to the customers. How about benefits to the laundry industry? They are immense. The smart home appliances get data about the usage of electricity and chemicals. So, the inefficiency factor gets reduced. With the cloud-based system, you can also track the consumption of water and other factors. So, it becomes easy to calculate the return on investment.

Now visualize a washing machine. You have the dial and knob. Right? And you know home automation and internet of things are on the way to achieving great popularity. Very soon, the dial as well the knob will vanish into history. And what do you get? Screens. So, the customization will be made easier as per your requirement.

B. Trends in Laundry Service – Chemical Action

detergent pod

We are in the 21st century, and the natural resources are dwindling at a fast pace. So, the laundry industry is all out to choose the detergent that can benefit both the clothes and the natural resources. 

Till the present day, it was the detergent that was used in large numbers. Now it is the detergent pod, that is gaining popularity. They can act in tandem with every washing machine. So, you do not have to worry about mixing powder or detergent. Just put a pod in the load, and the laundry will be clean. 

In the future, there may be a waterless washing machine in a commercial laundry system. The machines of Hydrofinity uses the new technology called XOrb to reduce the water, temperature, and detergent to clean clothes. 


C. Trends in Laundry Service Industry – Temperature 


All over the globe, consumers (even you) are turning the attention on environmentally friendly products. This idea is sure to pick up in the forthcoming years. The fact that hot water can clean stained clothes has turned out to be a myth. And it is the heating of water that can rise the electricity units and also the level of water. Now, it has been proved washing in cold water can also remove stains. And the reduction in energy comes to around 20 percent. The change in the saving of natural resources such as water has caught up with hotels and even dry cleaners.


D. Trends in Laundry Service Industry – Time Savings

How do you define this topic? Well, if you are a person who constantly visits our website or is a subscriber and keeps reading our articles, you know the answer. It is simple. Time savings comes with a combination of efficiency and technology. In the future, you will have washing machines running for only the specified time to clean a load. 

Commercial Business Trend

A. Customer Experience


Have the traditional laundry industry methods changed, in recent times? Yes, there have been many changes. A lot of start-ups have already tapped the market, and they are generating great business. You have the pick-up, delivery along with a feature to keep track of the washing process. And the second type of industry has also grown. The vendors who provide doorstep services have become partners with companies who offer doorstep services of home appliances. Did you get the point?

Shall we explain with an example? For example, you have a company offering laundry services in Hyderabad. As an entrepreneur, you have a website, customer service team and a proper office to boot. To increase revenue, you have also signed up as a vendor with a company offering doorstep services of home appliances in Hyderabad. 

B. Equipment Upgrade in Laundry Service Industry

Equipment Upgrade

There was a time when the manual wash was the order of the day even for washer men. They used the old method of herbs and plants for cleaning the clothes. The industrial revolution happened and the detergent was invented.  Then came the laundromats. Now, with detergent pods and water less washing machines, you can not only save energy, but also water.


If there are multiple businesses in the market, there are some which will thrive and sustain until the human race remains on this Mother Earth. One of them is the laundry industry. With time, this industry has adapted to the needs of the market. And the best is only to come soon. 

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