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While talking about frequently changed weather conditions, in many parts of India, summers are very rough. From the month of March to mid of June, temperature can even rise up to 45-48 degree Celsius. Many of us will look for a substitute of Air Condition to beat the high temperature of summer eve when fan is unable to keep you cool. Then air cooler would be the finest option on hand in affordable rate. These days with the intolerable rising temperatures in India, air cooler has become necessity rather than a luxury item. This article will help you to get end-to-end details about the best air coolers currently available in market.

Cooler for Middle class family

For a middle class family, buying Air Conditioner is not only just spending huge amount of money but also paying huge monthly bills. Hence, selecting the best air coolers instead of Air Conditioner will be perfect fit. The air cooler will consume less electricity than an Air Condition. Along with that it also costs lesser bill in compare to AC. But Air cooler cannot exactly work like AC as it doesn’t make air cold instead of that it just blows cool air.

Selection of air coolers

Numerous types of air coolers from an array of brands are on hand now a day. If someone is planning to purchase a new air cooler then he/she can be puzzled while selecting the best air coolers in India. Someone may think that which cooler would be the most perfect option for use. It is essential to purchase an air cooler that can endow with efficient cooling. However, a detailed research has been done to guide the buyers in order to choose their best fit Air cooler.

Misconception about Air Cooler

Most of the people have a common misconception about air coolers that it should be positioned in closed places in order to work more efficient way. That is a hoax. Another misconception is that Air cooler completes their work based on evaporation process. Firstly, hot air from surroundings passes through the Air cooler cooling pads. Then cooling pads soak in water. Hence, for efficient cooling, a smooth airflow is crucial rather than an enclosed environment.

Top Brand of the Best Air Coolers in India (2019)

With the innovation of technology, there are a range of air coolers from different renowned brands are available in current market. For example, room coolers which can be used for small offices or bedrooms, for large halls or bigger offices jumbo coolers will be suitable, in case of central air cooling duct coolers will be the best option. Providing appropriate ventilation for the cooler in the room or duct is the most essential part. So basically, one must choose their cooler according to the area they cool.

Let’s check out the best brand for Air coolers:

  • Symphony
  • Bajaj
  • Crompton
  • Kenstar
  • Orient

Above are some of the well-liked and best purchased brands of indoor coolers in India. These air coolers are easily available retail as well as one can buy air cooler from online stores. Among all brands Symphony Air coolers come in the first position in term of popularity.

Types of Air coolers

Air cooler comes with two basic types i.e. room cooler and desert cooler. Apart from few unique features, fundamental working principle for both of them will remain same.

**Although there are other types of air cooler also like WINDOW,TOWER,PERSONAL.

Desert cooler

If you are looking for cooling the entire room to combat extreme heat instead of installing an Air Conditioner, in that case the best alternative is to go for the Desert Coolers. It takes air from outside to keep room temperature cold. For these coolers, a Window is required to install and run. The Fan is also required to use as an exhaust.


  • Optimum for medium to large size rooms
  • Tank capacity ranges from 30 – 60 ltrs. Hence, do not require filling multiple times a day (assuming a usage of 4-5 hrs / day)
  • Gives more cooling as large cooling pads are used


  • Could be pretty large in size

Room cooler

Room air coolers are less powerful than desert cooler. Instead of window it requires a trolley to move around as per requirement. These room coolers are best fit for small rooms where we can keep it inside. We generally use it for household requirements.


  • Cools small to medium size rooms
  • Mostly use blowers for cooling


  • Tank capacity ranges between 20 – 30 ltrs. Might require to be refilled multiple times during a day

One should gather basic knowledge before choosing the air cooler for their household use.  What are you waiting for? You must consider this air cooler for your household use. Room coolers are wonderful technological invention that perfectly blows cool air for room or small office or shop or any small area.Ram coolers are the most well known brand in making air coolers with metallic body which are only available in normal stores.

Let’s check out currently available top 10 best air coolers in India :

  1. Symphony Hicool Air Cooler
  2. Symphony Diet 12T
  3. Crompton Greaves Ozone
  4. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler
  5. Bajaj Coolest Frio Air Cooler
  6. Kenstar Cyclone-12
  7. Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler
  8. Kenstar Tower Air Cooler with remote Controller
  9. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 Air Cooler
  10. Bajaj Icon DC2015 Air Cooler

1. Symphony Hicool Air Cooler is one of the best room air coolers available in market. Symphony is the ideal solution for a bit bigger room. If you have a room around 175 sq. feet then this air cooler adequate for that size. This cooler keeps the room temperature down even when outside temperature rises up to 42 degrees. With all the basic features that any air cooler has, this product from Symphony is smarter than all. This product from Symphony is one of the smartest cooler due to some unique feature built in it. The company provide remote controller which has complete access to all functionality while lying on bed. Along with that, it has alarm which let you know about when the water tank gets empty.

Symphony air coolers

2. Symphony Diet 12T can be consider as the best personal air cooler which comes with auto swing features to cool both left and right of your body. Symphony is well-known brand when one is looking for diet air coolers that expert in providing a comfortable temperature without consuming much floor space. It comes with a little size of 12-litre which can be placed in any corner of your room. It will complement the look and feel of your room without being a speckle. Consuming just 170 watts of power it is competent to cool a 100 sq. feet area efficiently. It has capability to flow a good amount of air up to 3 feet. But keep in mind that you should not place it near to your bed at night or close to your chair while working. Awfully light weight (more light weight without water) brings the advantages to a 4-5 years kid to move it easily from one place to another.

Symphony air coolers

3. Crompton Greaves Ozone can be considered as the desert air cooler with humidity control if someone is finding a stronger cooling effect and durable one for a bit large room. It also takes less space in your room to fit in. It has 3 level of cooling. First two levels emit mild humming sound which doesn’t affect sleep. But the 3rd level is little bit noisy which may create problem while sleeping. In order to get rid of this problem, place it outside of your room and let the cold air get in from window to keep ideal humidity levels. Due to its fiber body it becomes light, portable and less robust. If you want more robust body then look for metal body coolers. One must choose metal body if you are looking for something robust.

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4. Hindware SNOWCREST 85-H Desert Air Cooler is design with awesome cooling capability with best quality. With medium level, it gives quite high airflow to have a happy good night sleep. It has an ice compartment on its top. Size of the air cooler is a quite big in compare to others. That’s why we highly recommended it for hotter and bigger place. But there is not issue with its portability as it is designed with clamp wheels. It is a robust powerful machine with a cost effective budget i.e. 10k.

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5. Bajaj Coolest Frio Air Cooler can be considered as a good investment to your house in order to beat the rising heat in summer. Its oval and large design easily grabs attention of anyone. It has quite bigger water tank of 23ltrs which is enough for blow cool air for whole night. The powerful fan built in it is more than enough to cool the room temperature down in less time. It has a unique feature that it has ability to work on an inverter. During the power cut you don’t have to worry.

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6. Kenstar Cyclone-12 coolers, in India climate it is one of the poplar cooler as it can be the finest option during humid sticky days to stay at ease. This cooler can blow air in long distance in 4 directions. It is capable of cooling 75 square metres area.

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7. Bajaj Platini PX97 Air Cooler can be the cost-effective solutions for cooling large area. Various new designs are available in stores. The Baja Platini PX97 is a more conventional approach to the air cooler segment which is getting an increased number of new designs. It can ensure that you will have good night sleep with humming noise. It contains 36-litre water tank and cooler grills through air in 4 directions.

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8. Kenstar Tower Air Cooler with remote Controller provide us advantages of using less floor place without  compromising the best cooling effect using very less power(100W). It is capable enough to cool up to 24 feet. According to outside temperature remote control features provide us to control up to three fan speeds while sitting comfortably. It also required cross ventilation to provide efficient cooling.

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9. Maharaja Whiteline Atlanto+ CO-110 Air Cooler consumes only 165W power to provide the coolest air with low noise in the hot summer.  It has large tank (45-litre) that throws the air flow without refill it multiple times. Air deflector works smoothly to circulate even air entire room it its manual horizontal deflector and motorised vertical ones.

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10. Bajaj Icon DC2015 Air Cooler is another good desert cooler with wonderful performance which can cover area of 600 sq. feet. It has the power to throw the air up to 50 feet. If we talk about performance then no other cooler can beat it.

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Working of air coolers

Basically, desert coolers are the evaporative coolers, commonly known as swamp coolers. Hot air enters from outside with help of a fan and transfer heat while passing over the water then it evaporates. With this process air temperature decreases becomes comparatively cooler. Lastly, cooler throws cold air inside the room. This process repeats constantly to bring down overall room temperature more pleasant during summer. The evaporation process takes place inside of cooling pad. As there no involvement of cooling gases in the entire process, it will not cause global warming.

Few things to consider before buying a cooler

Before choosing you room size compatible cooler that can work efficiently, you must remember few points. CFM (Cubic feet per minute) is unit to measure air flow. A simple calculation can help to buy right size air cooler according to your room size.

Key things to remember:

1) Check out CFM calculation sticker and choose the right size.

2) Buy best air coolers in India with Honeycomb pads

3) When both longevity and efficiency are important, go for Galvanised steel body.

4) If you are residing from humid city, checkout Humidity Control features.

In conclusion, let check out few tips to get efficient cooling effect from air cooler.

  1. One should open all windows and door for enough airflow while using Air cooler. Good ventilation provide air cooler to work for long time.
  2. If you smell foul, then it is time to clean it. Maintaining air cooler can be great advantages to increase longevity.
  3. Placing the air cooler near to the window and adding ice to it will be an added benefit to cool the room faster.

So, while purchasing air cooler Do consider our top 10 best air coolers list.

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