How to create a Wikipedia Page


Making edits on Wikipedia page is not as difficult as it has been once considered its pretty simple. You are free to choose to edit making use of the visual editors or making use of the code. Even you can make a switch between the two using the option given at the top right corners of the editing screen. While making edits with the visual editor, you must own a Wikipedia account.

While you desire to edit the preexisting Wikipedia page, click on the edit option and make modifications. However, before you make the final attempt, don’t forget to preview the changes. As you are done with reviewing your edits, you can save and publish it. Before moving to the final publication, don’t forget to record any edits either it is minor or not. This will assist other editors and bots in recognising why you have made the edits.

If you prefer to create a new page, the first step is to search through Wikipedia to make sure if there is the draft page already existing on Wikipedia. You can achieve this by putting the subject in the search bar and doing the advanced search in the draft pages.

Wikipedia also provides a page with guidelines and assistive tips when it’s your first time to create an article. To develop complete articles, your accounts should be at least four days old, and you have made more than ten edits. It’s better to start working in drafts unless your article is complete. You can explore and play with the sandbox during drafting and editing. Other than the sandbox article wizard tool is also a good option.

How to create a wikipedia Page

Try to avoid the conflicts of interest arising from editing

So far the editors are held responsible for making sure that their work doesn’t pose of conflict of interest. As per the Wikipedia policy, the conflict of interest is making contributions and edits about your business, yourself or any closely associated person or business. And here comes the question How to create a Wikipedia page for a business.

If you want a page to be created about yourself or something but a conflict of interest might arise, you can request or hire the neutral third party for assistance.  

Keeping track of the Wikipedia guidelines

 Anything that is published on Wikipedia must be supported with links from the correct sources that are independent and reliable. These sources are defined as the articles from the authentic, third-party publication sources that are reputable and valid for fact-checking and accuracy.  Some of the essential reliable sources are the textbook, magazines, journals, and national newspaper.

Wikipedia doesn’t encourage publication of the original research, and all the articles should be linked to external references. Moreover, Wikipedia, the contribution should be presented from a neutral perspective. When contributing to an individual, particularly the existing business, it’s quite crucial to get yourself well versed with Wikipedia’s notability criteria.

Though there are several critics related to Wikipedia’s guidelines and principles related to the notability criteria, for instance, it’s conceivable that what different minds consider a valid source. And above all, Wikipedia policies for verifiable sources can amplify the already existent gender difference as well as the systematic biases afflicting the platform.

Notability is the most subjective part of Wikipedia and has always been the point of discussions that arise behind the scene that is none other but the talk pages. Since Wikipedia states that existence is not proof of notability, you should show up that your business has earned potential coverage by reliable, and independent sources.

Above all, it’s essential to understand how Wikipedia operates as the hub of information so if there are unbiased, factual, verifiable and referenced information on your page that you are not willing to share, but is based on the fact it cannot be taken down. To stand the best chance of changes being made, you should be able to prove that the information is not noteworthy and reputable

In a nutshell

Wikipedia is fun, but you cannot break Wikipedia. While it’s a fact that editing is a serious business, you can steer and fill up the loopholes in the history while you take to Wikipedia and no edit lasts forever. The best part is if you by chance delete something, or contribute with the wrong reference, or even someone else has taken down you can fix it in a manner that it never existed


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