A Thorough Outlook on Wikipedia Pages and Its Benefits for Businesses


Every individual must have found Wikipedia on the top search results when searching for any sort of topic that could cross your mind. Whether you search for medical or for a medical term, Wikipedia pages always show up on the first result or usually on the first page of the search engine. So, this fact shows how just in a matter of two decades, Wikipedia has managed to almost take over the entire realm of search engines.

The best part is that Wikipedia always stays true to relevancy and never shows you any random link or page on the search engine, mainly Google since most SEO practices are applied on Google for better visibility and online reputation. However, the name of a popular person or brand could be displayed on the top rankings but what if it’s your name?  Will it still be shown?

Wikipedia has become a hybrid of content marketing and SEO so before you look into its content guidelines or curate content, you should first understand the best practices of Wikipedia page creation. Here is how you should commence with the learning phase.

Understanding Wikipedia Better

Wikipedia emerged as an open source and free encyclopedic platform and its root foundation still has never changed, nor will it ever change. However, the changes made in how Wikipedia is being utilized are solely due to the notion of digital changes and online advancements. Those who want to acquire a page on the platform, approach any Wikipedia writing service since only professional writers or editors can help you curate content for a page. However, you should also know all the reasons and tips related to how you can take use of online marketing to your advantage.


Reasons for Having a Wikipedia Page

Now if you have made up your mind to have a Wikipedia page for yourself or your brand, a few core reasons should be known beforehand.

Wikipedia page

Control your wiki page

The most basic tip is that you are in full control of the page. You can make changes as per your needs and get those changes approved but before you make a decision to edit, make sure you have not left any loopholes in the content or added any false information. If not, your edits will be approved and if not then the moderators have the due rights to reject the changes.

Online visibility and notability

Once the changes have been approved or your page has been approved itself, your visibility online will be enhanced even more. When those who intend to reach out to your or your business would search for it, they will view your page and then there will be doubts on your credibility.

Builds a brand presence

A stable brand presence is what every business built online aims for. That is because the competition has significantly increased and almost every business owner wants to get attention online. You can find several tactics to stand out but most of these tactics come at a cost. Wikipedia is free and has no additional charges so it is better to opt for it initially.

Convey your business integrity

The thought of building a business’ integrity might sound like a hassle but all your worries are gone with an authentic Wikipedia page. Credible websites are hard to find and trust, no matter how good the design and performance of the website. Your users will only put their trust if the content sounds authentic to them.

For that reason, the power of Wikipedia for building online reputation or search engine presence should never be compromised. This platform has been around for over two decades so it would not make sense to begin doubting it now. So many popular businesses and people have managed to secure their pages on Wikipedia therefore, if you pay heed to it and correctly follow the required guidelines, you can get a page for yourself within no time too.

The Benefits of Following Wikipedia Guidelines

After you have clearly understood all the reasons for having a Wikipedia page, the next step is to know the guidelines required for the page creation. The benefits a wiki page can bring to your business and to your name surely are great, however, if you overlook an important part from the guidelines then your page might never even be approved.

The drawbacks of not following the guidelines are somewhat harsh too. Those pages that never comply with the guidelines and are often unapproved face many issues. One main drawback is that the more edits or pages are rejected, the more the chances become for your account to be permanently banned by Wikipedia moderators. Therefore, be wary of the changes you make and most of all; never ignore the guidelines, as that is what the entire Wikipedia platform is based upon.


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