How Wikipedia Page help gain quick global recognition


For a company having a presence on Wikipedia creates a fast reputation all across the globe. The significance of this cannot be overstated since it has extensive perquisites for the consumer trust building, brand awareness and readily positions the company as the industry leader.

Creating Wikipedia page also facilitates people to understand more about your business and what are the objectives of it, what has been done and how is all done, though creating a page on Wikipedia it would have been easy, then every business, either big or small would have sung about their business anthems.

Contributing to Wikipedia interprets playing a part in the value proposition, to give rise to crucial and fact-based information verified by the independent and third-party sources. This is the most critical point for the marketers to remember since Wikipedia is not a channel to create public relation where company can straight away deliver the information of their choice.

In having the Wikipedia page published and creating meaning full conversations about your brand ,you need to get entirely involved with the Wikipedia community and understand the risk of deletion by the editors. For all the advantages of having a Wikipedia page, still having it published and stick needs a more considerable amount of hard work and proactive approach.


Combined effect with Google and SEO practice booster

A Wikipedia article, if one is published is nearly always at the peak of the search results by the given topic. This makes having the Wikipedia article about your business a highly valuable source. Your SEO efforts will, in turn, enhance the results with a potential increase in sales and revenue.  

A more significant part of the Google algorithm depends on the link from the reliable website to assess the relevance and trust of other websites. For this means Wikipedia is one of the most reliable sites, having a reliability stamp on the domains that it is connected to. Hence the synergies are obvious. It’s no doubt that Google is the top platform for searching and Wikipedia is the premiere for the information sharing. And therefore to a source, relevant information effectively for its user’s google relies on Wikipedia as the mainstream resource.

What are the necessary criteria for creating a Wikipedia page?

Asses the eligibility of your article

At the core, Wikipedia is an information sharing platform. Similarly, as you might not find the information related to your dog next door, and hence, the article should be notable enough for getting the public’s eye. So in the evaluation if or not you need to contribute an article, complying with the Wikipedia’s eligibility criteria, the notability of the subject, no personal research and the neutral tone.

 The notability criteria

That if your article subject is significant enough to get the attention, Wikipedia scales this through several aspects. It evaluates through the number of trustworthy independent sources online that acts as the reliable reference and authenticity for your business and not only a secondary source. Since running mentions in own created blogs and contributions made on social media are fundamentally not considered. The perks are for focus piece on verifiable sources such as journals and reputable national websites. If your subject is socially significant, then you need to make efforts to prove it through the predetermined exposure in the media.

If your company is notable enough, it should be made some news about and only because you think anything is noteworthy might not mean the Wikipedia community will accept it.

Wikipedia evaluates if your product and service have an influence on your nation’s welfare. Launching a new product is not enough; your company societal impact must be described; for instance, introducing modernized technology will enhance the farm irrigation does not collaborate. Hence more detailing and pieces of evidence how it has assisted the environment and overall economic impact for primary bodies must be discussed.

The neutral tone  

The most rapid means to page get flagged writing about your subject in a promotional tone. The style of writing needs to change and altogether avoid the use of cheesy words and jargon. Instead of adding superlative degrees deliver the exact position and prestige that your business holds. The responsibility is on individual and fact-based information. You need to be cautious about presenting your products and services in much details or in another case you will be flagged for promotional.

Know A Thorough Outlook on Wikipedia Pages and Its Benefits for Businesses


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