Get beer in exchange of trash at Goa – #TeraMeraBeach


We are at the edge of finishing a decade. This decade (2010-2020) has witnessed many vital changes and modifications in social, economic, political and environmental governance systems for a positive turn and development. Many government initiatives, private and public campaigns and ventures have certainly brought a change in the overall outlook of the nation this decade. The Drishti Marine and the Department of State Tourism Industry at Goa have started one similar interesting and win-win campaign to add on to the glorious achievements of the Go-Green Initiative.

Goa is one of the most popular and tourist-populated vacation spots of the country. It records an average footfall of 7-8 lakh tourists annually. The figures brims the level at times of the Beach Carnival Festivals held between the Christmas and New Year eve every year. Such a huge mass makes the beaches vulnerable and exposed to great chances of getting littered and polluted. Although the local government authorities and State Tourism Department implements augmented cleanliness drives and missions to keep the city clean, yet, many a times few debris gets unnoticed.

To keep the beaches completely clear of all types of trash, the Drishti Marine and the Department of State Tourism took initiative #TeraMeraBeach that is all about creating awareness related to the cleanliness of beaches of Goa and instigate people to act for it. The initiative implements the set up of Waste Bars in all premier restaurants and bars thriving over the beach areas. “10 beer bottle caps and 20 cigarette butts can earn you a bottle of beer” is the primary scheme of the initiative.

Noreen van Holstein, the person who initiated the campaign with Drishti Marine stated, “The waste bar is a win-win concept. It is positive for the venue, as it is a positive event that attracts a crowd. You get very happy customers as they feel they contribute to the society and get a free drink for it. And for brands, it helps in positioning.”


Zanzibar Shack of Baga beach became the first organisation to be part of this initiative on January 30, 2019 by opening the first Waste Bar. As per reports, more restaurants and bar operating in the Calangute and Candolim region of Goa has expressed their interest over the initiative and very soon, they are going to be part of the scheme. They are intending to conduct cleanliness drives under #TeraMeraBeach campaign by giving beer two times a month between 4PM to 6PM.

Your illegitimate beer drinking or drinks party can attract you a fine of minimum Rs. 2000 at any Goan beach. On the other hand, your intention to keep it clean by becoming part of the #TeraMeraBeach campaign, you can earn a free beer. It may sound exciting, but, adversely it is also very shameful and discreditable that drinks is required to be offered to remind people of their basic civic sense of cleanliness.

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