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Gateway of Kolkata or Biswa Bangla Gate – the most recent architectural and infrastructure development of Kolkata, the City of Joy radiates its grandeur from its appearance. Located Narkel Bagan Crossing near Rabindra Tirtha at New Town, Kolkata, and Gateway of Kolkata is one of the most famous building structures on the nation. It is also known as Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant. Under the flagship initiative and monitoring of HIDCO – Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation, the grand task of construction of this mega structure started on March 6, 2017. Now it is open for public visits and you can move to the restaurant or the “hanging restaurant” with your family, friends or date to enjoy the delicacies sitting 25 meters above the ground. Few unique and astounding facts, which we should know about Kolkata Gate, are as follows –

The Hanging Restaurant
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  • The Kolkata Gate constructed out of 70 tonnes of steel.
  • The construction of Kolkata Gate was completed within a span of 20 months.
  • Total investment for construction of Kolkata Gate is Rs. 25 crores.
  • It is the first structure of its kind in Eastern India.
  • The design of Kolkata Gate was made by Vector Designs – a Pune-based Architect Firm and was finalized by Mr. Dulal Mukherjee, head of the committee responsible for the project under the leadership of HIDCO.
  • The height of Kolkata Gate is 55 meters of 181 feet approximately.
  • The public visit area hosting the restaurant, galleries and curio shops is circular in shape located 25 meters above ground level with a diameter of 220 meters.
  • Due to structural safety reasons, not more than 100 visitors are allowed inside the ring.
  • The concept of Kolkata Gate with a restaurant and viewer gallery was conceived from the structure of the Visitors’ Gallery at Eiffel Tower of Paris and Hanging Restaurant of Malaysia.

Kolkata Gate is a steel and glass structure, which has been designed with great apt and dedication to make it resistant to gale wind forces at heights and excessive heat due to the sun. The toughened glass has silicone laminates to make it’s resistant to all types of natural vulnerabilities. The restaurant is open throughout the day for dining and is accessible for fine dining after 7 PM.

Biswa Bangla Gate

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To get a glimpse of the City of Joy from one of the highest buildings of the city, you must visit Kolkata Gate or Biswa Bangla Gate Restaurant and indulge yourself with cuisines hailing from all parts of the world. The 10 meters long and 60-meter wide gallery always welcomes visitors to sharing memories and rich culture of the region with unique and rare photographs and visual delights. Whether you love it or dislike it, you can never afford to miss a visit to this magnanimous structure if you are in Kolkata!

Now the Biswa Bangla Gate is open for common people. One must visit this unique place and can also treat his/her taste buds with beautiful foods available in the restaurant.


Biswa Bangla gate Ticket Pricing 100 per head.Age Limit 3+. Online bookings can be made via Bookmyshow or hidco Website or Here is the direct official link of Biswa Bangla gate booking Book Now

Visitors with a valid ticket can enjoy the journey of Biswa Bangla gate viewing gallery for 45 minutes From 12:00 noon to 5:00 P.M in Six different time slots at an interval of 1 hour.

The Hanging Restaurant , Biswa bangla gate restaurant menu

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