Apart from maintaining temperature, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Condition) systems filter the air. Without properly cleaned duct work and filters, the air in your office cannot be fresh and contaminant-free. Air duct cleaning ensures fresh indoor air quality, proper ventilation and ample temperature regulation. This keeps the office comfortable to work in with increased productivity and better performance of employees.

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Cleaning of ducts depends on various factors related to the type of work, employees and structure of the office.

 Few such factors can be –

Overpopulated office premises:

Offices where huge number of employees is working get their ducts dirty and contaminated earlier.


Smoking Regulations within office:

 Offices with separate smoking zones are safe. In offices where employees smoke on their desk get the duct smeared with contaminants soon. Cigarette smoke gets easily absorbed by the ducts.

Pantry or cooking area location:

Offices having pantries or cooking areas gets their duct polluted fast. The oils and fumes from the cooking area accumulate in the duct.

Level of cleanliness maintained:

Controlling footfalls or human traffic in offices is not an easy task. So maintenance of a regular and routine cleanliness regime is very much essential. Too much footfall results in the collection of dust and debris over the carpet or floor. This when sucked in by the ducts, makes them polluted.

Proper insulation and packing check:

Offices with HVAC systems must be properly packed and insulated. Exchange of heat or air with outdoor surroundings can put pressure on the HVAC Systems. Entry of excessive dust from outdoors is possible if packing holds flaws. These dust particles can trouble the ducts.

Air duct cleaning becomes compulsory when you observe the following symptoms –

  1. Water leakage from the Air ducts,
  2. Air ducts with slime and microbial accumulation,
  3. Blockage in the airflow resulting in the poor quality of air,
  4. The supply diff-users are exhausting or diffusing dust,
  5. Feeling of congestion or stuffiness in the cabins and office premises,
  6. Irritation in eyes or allergic reactions on skin or breathing,
  7. Unpleasant and offensive odors are haunting you’re the workplace.

If any such problem persists, then obviously your office needs air duct cleaning. It is very much necessary to identify and control the source of contamination by a close and thorough inspection. Otherwise, Air duct cleaning will not be a permanent solution or fix to your problem. At the time of hiring any Air duct cleaning company or contractor, verify the organizations’ credentials. You should inquire about the reliability, specialty and genuineness of the air duct cleaning services provided by them. A check of the professional and expertness of the crew members is also mandatory.

Before going for a duct cleaning, we should know few important facts like –

  1. When all measures of maintaining a clean and contaminant-free duct seems fruitless then only we should go for Air duct cleaning. It is our last resort.
  2. Identification of the source of contamination is essential before going for a duct cleaning. For this a thorough inspection and evaluation of your HVAC System is essential.
  3. Preventive schedules and procedures of maintenance must be followed to restrict entry of dirt, water and other contaminants after duct cleaning. Implementation of hygienic and proper work practices and allocation of proper air intake locations can be helpful for you.
Air Duct Cleaning

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