Vedic Science and its Effects


The word “Veda” means science or knowledge. Vedic Science are approaches in the different areas of life that contribute to achieving a single goal: the development of the full potential of man and society.

Ayurveda has its own anatomy and physiology system, which reflects its particular vision of life and health. While much of modern anatomy and physiology is recommended to our students to be familiar with it, Ayurveda has its unique perspective on the human body. To learn or practice Ayurveda we must first learn this system. It teaches us the basic language of vital energy and its organic functioning in the body. It is something beyond normal anatomy and physiology, which works only on a physical and chemical level and does not recognize life force or doshas.

Ayurveda through the Sânkhya system is firmly based on the principle of causality. For example, from the inherent qualities of the earth as the cause, a pot can be made as the effect. A pot cannot be made with water or air, since these do not have the inherent qualities or necessary causal basis. This means that there is a definite and understandable order to events in the universe.

The Law of Karma


This doctrine of cause and effect is the basis of the law of Karma, the fundamental law of action in the universe. Anything we do must produce an effect of a similar nature. From violence, for example, unhappiness has to come, as violence in its own nature is essentially a state of distress. Violence should not come from peace, as violence is not in itself a state of peace.

Nothing happens without having a cause, undeserved or not produced by our own actions. This doctrine of causality means that we have to carry out and be responsible for our own condition in life, physical and mental. This means that we have the power to correct it through corrective measures of the opposite nature. As we have already done everything we are, we can also do this. By reversing this process of causality, we can return to the spiritual origin of things, all the way back through the nature of the Inner Being, and cease to be under the effect of external forces. This process of return is the process of reintegration and unification that is Yoga.

Vedic Sciences and Technologies Maharishi

Maharishi in collaboration with the best experts in each discipline has restored all of the Vedic Sciences and Technologies and made them available to the world in all their original integrity, purity and effectiveness. The name of Maharishi associated with these Vedic Sciences guarantees its integrity and efficiency. The Vedic Science and Technologies of Maharishi are an invaluable treasure for humanity.

The Science of Maharishi Consciousness

Transcendental Meditation and its advanced techniques are the basic technologies of the Science of Consciousness or Science of Creative Intelligence of Maharishi. The Science of Maharishi Consciousness is the essence of the Vedic system of Yoga. Because it provides the direct experience of Pure Consciousness, the foundation of all aspects of life, it is the first and hyphen of all Vedic Science.

Maharishi Ayurveda

Maharishi Ayurveda is a truly holistic approach to health. It incorporates spheres ranging from pure awareness to the environment, through the mind, body and behaviour. Its approach is prevention-oriented and based on restoring and maintaining balance rather than controlling pathogens. Its treatments are completely devoid of harmful side effects.

The goal of Ayurveda Maharishi is to create a disease-free society and strengthen the physiology of already healthy individuals to accelerate the development of higher states of consciousness. The highest assignment writing service goals of Ayurveda Maharishi for the individual are perfect health, enlightenment and immortality.

Ayurveda Maharishi uses both simple means such as daily routine, dietetics, detoxification cures (Panchakarma) as well as sophisticated means such as elixirs (Rasayanas) and other herbal and herbal remedies.

The Sthapatya Veda Maharishi

Sthapatya is the science of establishment or Vedic architecture. Its goal is to build houses and buildings in harmony with the cosmos and all the laws of nature so that their influences are as beneficial as possible to the people who live there. The main elements concern the orientation, the location, the shape, the proportions of the building, as well as the arrangement of the rooms according to their use.

The orientation of the house is the most important criterion. Maharishi said that 70% of the problems in our society are due to misguided homes. Maharishi initiated a plan for rebuilding the world to relieve the world of the burden of problems afflicting it.

Scientific research has shown that pleasant music and melodies promote growth and enhance the nutritional value of plants. All phases of plant growth, from germination of the seed to leaf, flower and fruit growth, benefit from this harmonizing influence. To produce this effect, Vedic Organic Farming uses the Vedic melodies and recitations that are most effective for animating the inherent intelligence of the plant. The foods produced by Vedic Organic Farming are full of vitality, which is evidenced by superior nutritional value and taste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Vedic beliefs?

At the most basic level, we must know that both Vedas and Science are forms of knowledge enhancing source. Both are based on deep dedication and observation.Both are based on Scientific Facts in Vedas.

Who is the main god in the Rig Veda?

The majority of the population today worships deities of Shiva, Vishnu, Durga, and other goddesses. The Rig Veda gives the largest information about Vedic gods.

How many Vedic gods are there?

The Vedic gods family tree shows adoration to 33 Gods which is evident from the hymns, which allude them. All these 33 Vedic gods are having a specific role in the nourishment, sustainment and upholding the life and nature balance of our planet.


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