Vedic Sanskrit


Being one of the oldest scriptures known to humanity, Vedas are having many paradigms of uncertainties and irrelevance. These manifestations of uncertainties are due to various factors like difference in the level of understanding, a great time gap between the time of its creation and our present timeline and above all, the language. Vedas are scripted in Vedic Sanskrit, which is very different from the contemporary or traditional Sanskrit we know. Language is one of the major barriers, which arises challenge to language decoders, specialists and experts in the process of decoding these texts brimming with knowledge and wisdom.

In the regime of our modern education, we all have surpassed durations of training and learning in our academic life in which we are taught to learn alphabets and basic words for better understanding of the language we intend to learn. It is one of the basic requirements to know the primary words of any language to understand it better. In this quest, I want to facilitate the learning motive of my enthusiast readers by translating few most frequently and repeatedly used words in the Vedas.

To start with, lets know the alphabets used in Vedic Sanskrit. Following is the chart –

Vedic scripts impart knowledge and wisdom to learners by songs and hymns. To make any hymn or song meaningful and illustrative, repeated use of similar words or synonyms over a fixed pattern of syllable and verse is often required. In this strive, Vedic compositions consists of some very important and frequently used words. List of the words with their meanings are as follows –


These were few words, which are repeatedly mentioned in the Vedas. It is known to many and most of us that Vedas propagate knowledge by mode of its declaration in the form of praising Gods, Demigods and Divine Personalities. In the verses, they give preaching related to life philosophy, karma, vigyana (science) and medicine by disclosing the achievements of these divine beings. That is the reason that use of the name of celestial bodies like sun, moon and planets are mentioned repeatedly in the texts.

Few concepts used in the Vedas are as follows –

These are just droplets out of the immense ocean of Vedic Literature. Harnessing knowledge is a process, which is time-dependent and steady. Vedas speaks of the immense knowledge and wisdom possessed by the sages of that period and their inclination towards sharing their valuable knowledge with the society and upcoming generations resulted in the creation of the Vedas.

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