Famous And Beautiful Treks To Do In Sikkim!!


With tranquil surroundings, sparkling lakes, shimmering peaks, exotic mountain views, colorful prayer flags, beautiful valleys, dense forests, tricky trails, Sikkim is the most scenic destination to visit in India. It is also a popular trekking destination that offers a walk into the Himalayas and World’s highest peak the mighty  Kanchenjunga.  Sikkim is the best place to escape from the heat of summers and to experience the chilly weather in winters. Here, I have jotted down some famous treks to do in Sikkim.

Goecha La Trek

Trek distance: 80KM

Altitude: 4,950M

Grade: Moderate


Duration: 10 days

Best time to visit:  March-June & September to November

Goecha La trek is one of the popular treks in Sikkim. It is also called as a gateway to Khangchendzonga. Goechala trek is perched at an altitude of 4,950m and it is nestled in the Kanchenjunga National Park, which is one of the greenest regions in the world. With alluring sunsets and sunrises, snow-capped mountains, views of 16 beautiful peaks, Himalayan forests, tranquil rivers, lush meadows, and scenic beauty of Sikkim will make you fall in love with this trek. The Goechala trek starts from Yuksom village and passes through a lot of campsites and tiny hamlets. The trek is of moderate difficulty and demands trekkers to be physically fit & mentally prepared. You will also through beautiful Samiti Lake. Catch the astounding views of Mount Kanchanjunga, Mount Pandim, Kabru, Rohtang,  and three sisters peaks. The best time to capture the beauty of trek is in the months of September and November. Explore the rich culture of Sikkim and feast your eyes with the beauty of nature. Goechala adventure is a must-do!!

Great Lake Trek

Trek distance: 92 km


Grade: Tough

Duration:15 days

Best time to visit: April and October

Another scenic trek of Sikkim, The Green Lake Trek is a hidden gem in the mighty Himalayas. The Green Lake is located at the basecamp of Kanchenjunga in the north Sikkim. The unexplored trekking destination in Sikkim is a mixture of green landscapes, clear blue skies, and breathtaking views of Sikkim Himalayas. The trek takes you through the lush green meadows, vast pastures, alluring frozen lakes, alpine trees, forests of rhododendrons, blooming flora, and amazing wildlife. The beautiful Green lake trek starts from Lachen which is 135 km from Gangtok and passes through Tallen, Zema, Jhaktang, and Yabuk. The trek is a perfect place for birdwatchers and flower lovers. The lake is all surrounded by the lush greenery of alpine wildflowers and forests. It gets frozen in winter months the region is covered with deep snow. Enjoy the views of snow-capped Kanchenjunga and other peaks. Camping at lakeside will give a great experience. The beautiful with scenic views is not an easy one. The trail is tricky and unexplored which adds adventure to this trek. The best to visit and see the blooming beauty in the months of April and October.

Green Lake Trek is a must-do adventure.

Singalila Ridge Trek

Trek distance:60km


Grade: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 7-8 days

Best time to visit: March to May and October to November

From  adventure seekers to Himalayan lovers, Singalila Ridge Trek is a paradise for every travel enthusiast. You will be enthralled by the beauty of Eastern Himalayan range. Singalila Ridge trek offers captivating views of Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga, and other peaks. The trek is nestled in Singalila National Park which gives an opportunity to see the beautiful bounties of nature, and so many species of animals, insects, and birds. Experience the wilderness and scenic beauty all at once. Each step and every turn will surprise you. Trekking in Sikkim is a great adventure for trekkers and travelers. Singalila Ridge Trek starts from Mane Bhanjang near Darjeeling.

Rhododendron Trek

Trek distance: 5km

Altitude: 1,728m

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 10 to 11 days

Best time to visit: April to mid-May

A beautiful that will refresh your mind and body. The trek is full of scented Himalayan beauties and the path is covered with various flowers of different color and sizes. Explore the beauty of nature in Sikkim and smell the beautiful rhododendrons. The best time to do this adventure is spring time where you can see the blossoms of Falconeri, Barbatum, Hodgsoni, and many more varities of Rhododendrons. The trek will take you through lush meadows and alluring garden of flowers with a blend of Sikkim culture. Catch the glimpse of Kanchenjunga range while doing the Rhododendrons Trek.

Experience the unique variety of flora and fauna and enjoy the panoramic views of other mighty peaks.  Take a walk to the ravishing paths of Sikkim and get close to nature’s beauty.  Yuksom, a quaint town near Gangtok is the basecamp for this trek.

Sandakphu Trek

Trek distance: 31km

Altitude: 3,636m

Grade: Easy to Moderate

Duration: 8 to 9 days

Best time to visit: April-May & October-December

The panoramic landscapes of Mt. Everest, Lhtose, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga adds beauty to the Sandakphu Trek. The trek is a paradise to adventure lovers. The trek starts from Mane Bhanjang and pass through by so many tiny villages like Garibas, Tonglu, Meghma, Tumling, and Kala Pokhari. On this trek you will see the variety of rich flora and fauna, rhododendrons groves, and the scenic beauty of nature.

Sandakphu trek is an easy to moderate trek and can be covered in 8 to 9 days. The view of the snow-clad peaks around the trek are just mesmerizing. In sunny days, when the sky is clear you can see the World’s highest peak in the world. Explore the culture, lifestyle of Sikkim villages.


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