Today is 1st March- the first marriage anniversary of Suman And Priya. On top of that, Holi is celebrated today too. But there is an invisible gap between Suman & PRIYA. There love haven’t brought them close… yet. There no third person between them. but the truth is Suman feels scared when he talks to Priya. Not only Priya but Suman would face difficulty talking to girls.

And Priya is a hot headed girl. It was few days after their wedding when Suman first faced Priya’s anger. Suman was not ready for that sudden ambush from her. He had a girlfriend before- and she would listen to him unconditionally. She even love him too much as if she had too much of it. But one day Suman realized that she was sharing this love with someone else too.

Suman was silent that day. He locked himself in his room. Cried all night. He made sure no one heard him cry. ‘Boys don’t cry.’ The universal unwritten rule. No matter what happens. Dismiss the reasons for crying as if it is nothing. Else people will speak.

After a few days Suman got married. It was arranged marriage. He was silent on the wedding day. A smile lingered on his face. But what he failed to realize Priya.


Suman works in a multinational company. Priya is Bengali techer in a high school. Suman was considered the Bengali teachers to be angry. And as his luck would approve, he got a Bengali teacher as his wife.


“Umm, listen. Tomorrow is our anniversary. What if we go to the nearby restaurant to celebrate?” A nervous Suman asked Priya.

“We shall see. Though I don’t want to waste any money unnecessarily. Still I’ll give a thought.” Priya dismissed him for the moment.

Later that night, when the clock struck twelve, Suman whispered, “Happy anniversary.”

“Hmm, same to you.” A half asleep Priya replied.


It is a small gathering. Suman’s parents and his came. Priya brought her parents. But even this small gathering ordered huge amount of food. Suman eyes wells up as he goes through the menu. Everything was costly. Suman was close fisted person.

The food arrives few minutes later. Biriyani, Chicken Chaap, Salad. Everyone gulps down everything. Soon the bill comes. Suman realizes that after paying off everything he will have only a hundred rupee note left. While Suman is in deep thought about the money he notices that Priya pays the bill.

“Thank you.” The waiter left.

“But…” Suman tried to stop.

“It’s my treat. How about you pay for the next anniversary?” Priya smiles.

“She’s a God. Love her. I really love her.” Suman Thought.

Writer: Suman Chowdhury


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