They have double meanings……


We are human beings, we are leaving modalities, we are not artifacts. We have the oceans  of emotions in our hearts. We are the elongations of emotions. We are the incarnations of emotions as a matter of fact.

We compile writs,songs etc. We decode them also.

The intensity of our creations makes us and breaks us too.

They persecute us, they yield us carriage, serenity also. songs are the creations which have the talisman to provoke our thoughts. They can actuate our capabilities, they can transmute us, they can restructure us even.The song Vande Mataram played a great role to fetch the Independence  for India from the heedful duress of British rulers dures indeed.


In India sex is a sin, a serious trespass. That’s why the songs like Choli Ke Peeche Kya Hai or Chad Gaya Upar Re had been created. These songs comprise dirty inner meanings just to meet the sexual requirements of the audience in a different way.

The Muslim Dons are the proclaimed rulers of the Bollywood film industry and to make them pleased some films and songs are made where we can see people are making fun with Hindu religion as a matter of fact.Hollywood has the same Legacy and heritage of the songs which are enriched with the hidden messages actually.As for example we can say that the song”This Land Is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie –  is about nothing else but communism.”The Star-Spangled Banner” by Jimi Hendrix – is an antiwar song. “I Love LA” by Randy Newman – is disliking the artificialness  of the city life of today’s era.Lastly we can only say in a humble manner that we cannot negate the existence  of these types of songs which are holding double meanings actually.

Mithu Ghoshal (Multiple World Records Holder)     


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