Ways to Get Through Depression- Crush the Barriers by Knowing


According to WHO report of 22 March 2018, more than 300 million people in all the age groups suffer from the most common mental disorder – ‘depression’. The long-lasting depression with moderate intensity often becomes a serious health condition that may cause significant performance drop and behavior change. Even may lead the person to commit suicide.

Although effective treatments for depression are widely known and their effectiveness is also certified by many research reports, still, less than 50% of depression affected people in the world come forward for the treatments. The major barrier to get through depression is social stigma about mental disorders. So, are you ready to break the barriers and to deal with depression smartly through the advanced methodologies? Below in this blog, you will find answers to some questions that will drive you on the most feasible way to get through it.

Am I suffering with Depression? What the Symptoms of Depressions?

The depressive episode can be termed as mild, moderate and severe on the basis of severity of symptoms. The state of uncertainty also delays the treatment. Here is the check list to help you identify depression:  

  • Feeling sadness, hopelessness, tearfulness
  • Angry outbursts, frustration, irritating nature
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Sleep disturbance and Tiredness
  • Reduced appetite and weight loss
  • Slowed thinking
  • Feeling of guilt & worthlessness  
  • Lack of focus; weak memory
  • Suicidal thoughts ….

Can I Get Through Depression Secretly?

OK, now you know the depression symptom that you want to treat but the social stigma stops you to get treatment. Yes, you can deal with depression yourself without speaking to your relatives or friends but change your approach for interaction. Easy to avail psychotherapy treatments are available in personalised modules but just a few changes in life style and behaviour too may help you overcome depression considerably.    

Can I help myself to Overcome Depression: Five DIY tips to Manage Depression:

  • Act to make yourself feel good – Push yourself to do things that you used to enjoy; embrace your hobbies again
  • Support the wellness – Ensure eight hours of sleep; keep the stress away by limiting the workload and shedding the responsibilities that make you over-busy; Practice relaxation techniques like yoga, meditation, deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation etc
  • Reach out to stay connected – Ok, you are shy to discuss your psychological problem in community; don’t do it but get engaged with social activities and make new relationships   
  • Set short-term goals- The purpose to life makes you more active and organised. Set small goals,  and look at your performance
  • Live in present – Resist the tendency to live with bad memories; commit yourself for +ve thinking, take the past developments as destiny for which can’t be guilty.

Should I Approach Psychotherapist To Treat Depression Fast?

Yes, you can treat depression faster with psychotherapy.

How does psychotherapy works to treat depression?

Psychotherapy has covered a long journey since Freud developed it more than 100 years ago. Psychotherapy creates a non-judgemental and safe environment to address the target issues through professional relationship.

How does psychotherapy help to overcome depression?

 It helps the patients to regain the pleasure in life with improved sense of control. The learned problem-solving skills and coping techniques reduce the conditions that often develop symptoms. Psychotherapist helps to nurture a positive outlook for life as well as train to interpret and manage the everyday life with changed perspective.

Will I Need To Do Special Preparations For Psychotherapy To Treat Depression? Eight Preparation Tips for Psychotherapy:

Different types of psychotherapy techniques are applied to treat depression; selection of particular type of psychotherapy or mix of psychotherapies is made on the basis of shared problems. Cognitive behavioral therapy, Interpersonal therapy, Social skills therapy, Psycho dynamic therapy, Supportive counseling, Behavioral activation, Problem-solving therapy etc are the commonly used therapies. The ultimate yield of each psychotherapy technique highly depends upon how good you are prepared to make the most out of each session. Following eight tips will help you prepare the best for therapy session to overcome the depression fast:

  1. Choose carefully
  2. Before the first active session, take phone consultation
  3. Know the complete course, involvement, & possible outcome
  4. Be ready to feel uncomfortable at many times
  5. View therapy treatment as a collaboration for common cause
  6. Schedule session for convenient time and involve completely with readiness to put your suggestions
  7. Crush all the limitations to express your feelings, views, past experiences etc
  8. Take the notes of learning and your thoughts

Concluding Note:

Treating depression is a long-term process; don’t expect the overnight results either from DIY tips or psychotherapy. Self stigmatisation often makes the patients shameful preventing them from proper treatment. Depression for the people who have not had it earlier is tough to diagnose by self but if you feel any of symptoms (as detailed above), approach the specialist Psychotherapist at the earliest.   


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