Tastes of Kolkata: 20 foods one must try in the city of joy


KOLKATA ,the city of joy is just not a city only, it’s a living drug that engulfs. When you think of Kolkatan it is intellectual men/women enjoying rather more heated friendly fights over football , politics or sports. But when it comes to food we all become blind in the name of ‘Bhuri Bhoj’. When it comes to food we never become satisfied, always we want one more item which ultimately gives our celebrated obese stomachs.

Without wasting time let me take you to an YUMMY TUMMY ATTACK !

1. Roshogolla of Kolkata

Place: K.C. Das & Bheem Nag

You might have eaten rasgullas all your life but if you haven’t had ro shogollas in Kolkata, then what’s the point?


2. Sondesh

Place: Nakur Nandy

Decorated with pistachios, almonds and saffron strands and prepared with milk, sugar and paneer(Chhana), this mishti would simply melt in your mouth. And if you’re into flavors, you’ve got Ice-cream, chocolate and strawberry sondesh too!


3. Chanachur

Place: Ujjala

This chanachur is one of a kind,a totally spicy-mix of dried ingredients that you would want to munch on, without a break!

4. Kosha Mangsho (mutton curry)

Place: Golbari

Served with steamed rice, luchi (puri)and parothas, this mouth-watering, velvety gravy with juicy pieces of meat, is every meat lover’s paradise. A must-have!

5. Chicken Kabiraji

Place: Mitra Cafe

Savour the sublime taste of this delicous chicken preparation which is made with minced pieces of chicken, bread crumbs,egg and ginger-garlic, this snack will fill you up for a while.

6. Tibetan Food

Place: Territi Bazaar

A fascinating street with tempting Tibetan food! Even if you’ve had tasted Tibetan food in the past, the flavors that this street offers are truly one of a kind.

7. Chelo Kebab

Place: Peter Cat

Every true blue Kolkatan would recommend this platter of kebabs and for a reason. It’s a composition of mutton seekhs along with chicken kebabs and is served with steamed rice and veggies. Why don’t you surprise yourself with a plate?

8. Mughlai Parotha

Place: Basanta Cabin

These deep fried parothas stuffed with egg and minced meat add the kind of twist that can keep you finger-licking throughout. Savour every bite of this one because the next round of parothasmight take time.

9. Kochuri – Torkari – Jilebi

Place: Maharaja/Maharani

This popular combo offers you the perfect combination of sweet, salt and spice all in one dish.One lip smacking can step you away from a happy belly and a big smile!

10. Phuchka

Place: Vivekananda park/ Dharamtala

These tiny water-bombs with spice andmasala, also called p huchka, are probably the most cheap, yet filling item you can find. You might think you’ll stop after 4 but you are wrong,you will end-up eating a truckload!


11. Ghugni

Place: Dacres lane

If chanas and chickpeas is what you like, this dish will be one of your favorites. And even if they’re not, after eating this you’ll find yourself a new favorite!

12. Macher Jhol (Fish-curry)

Place: Bhajahori Manna

Macher jhol with rice is the staple food of this city, found almost everywhere in Kolkata. So just by chance if you’re unable to find yourself a restaurant in the locale, knock on any of Bengali’s door and be surprised with what they have to offer for you.

13. Telebhaja

Place: Dacres lane

A perfect monsoon snack with cha/chai,ranging from b eguni, phuluri, peyaji, alu’r chop to a variety of sinfully-crunchy, besan (corn-flour)covered street food! One bhaja is just not enough, you have to try them all!

14. Kathi Rolls

Place: Nizam

No need to say, we Indians love Kathi rolls and the many varieties they come in. But guess once where it all started?


15. Kolkata Biryani

Place: Arsalan & Royal

A unique tasty smell of desi ghee mixed with rich masalas and chatpata spices along with juicy, tender pieces of mutton cooked in rice and tava, this dish is something you cannot miss trying,this is love.

16. Pitha

Place: Nakur Nandy

Made from rice flour, this exquisite item can be sweet and salty also. Depending on the type, they are found either fried or steamed. This is one of the bengali tradition too.

17. Jhalmuri

Place: Maidan

Puffed rice or Muri mixed with peanuts, coriander ,snacks and other spices, jhalmuri is an appetizing food found in every street-corner of Kolkata. If you love street-food, this preparation is meant for you in the top of list.

18. Radha Ballavi/ Hinger Kochuri

Place: Sweetmeat shops

A very popular tasty dish of Kolkata,radha ballavis are fried, lentil-stuffed puris. They sell like wild-fire and are a huge rage in Kolkata. You have to stay up in que to taste some of these yumms.

19. Mishti Doi

Place: Bheem Nag & Jadav Chandra Das

This doi beats any sort of frozen yogurt you might have eaten. It is a perfect blend for you contained with sugar and milk, cupped alomg for a tempting treat.

20. Thandai/Kulfi

Place: Ralli’s

Kolkata’s very own frozen desert decorated with pistachios and almonds, though dispelled across the country, is simply the perfect desert for a interesting summer day in Kolkata!

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