T20 league has become a global brand now


The Indian domestic T20 league has become a global brand now a days. Every year, it sees as the best and biggest names in international cricket plying their trade for the various franchises. The media glitz, the hype and the drama reach their peak every year as the league reaches its closing stages.It also help for the development of sports in India, it has also helped to improve the quality of cricketers overall. 

The good thing about the league is that it sees the participation of some of the best international T20 cricketers. During the auctions held for selecting players, which are organised prior to the start of the league every year, the franchises try to get their team stacked with the best possible T20 cricketers from across the whole globe.

Here is an another important side i.e. after all the money that these young cricketers start getting in IPL, ICL and other similar leagues so early in their cricketing career, many of them get lost in space and fail to concentrate on their Cricket then and thereafter. This can be attributed to the fact that once when a particular player excels in IPL for a particular franchise advertisers flock him with various ad campaigns, promising hefty sum of money and signing long-term contracts with them, say even for the next 5 or 10 years! 

Another factor that works in favour of the Indian domestic league is that there is lesser pressure on players performing in the league when compared with playing for their national sides. This helps the players to relax and express themselves more easily. A notable example of this would be the case of West Indian giant Kieron Pollard, who is one of the bigger names in the league, but has failed to translate that success in international T20 cricket as consistently.


 So at last, T20 tournaments have only the power to identify the best of the best talents and it is the efforts taken by a particular player once he gets the opportunity at the grand stage that really improves his overall performence


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