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Videos are no longer merely used for entertainment. It is an integral part of any marketing campaign, mainly because of the results it garners through its viewers.

Many businesses are expected to use promotional videos to increase their marketing trends in 2019. It’s mainly because videos support various marketing goals like sales, retention and customer satisfaction and education. There are also these various other benefits to using promotional videos for a business.

Increased web traffic

Most important is improved web traffic. Many companies and brands promote videos on the social media and other platforms to help generate customers to their website.

Promotional videos essentially help bring the initial visit. The brand then picks it up from here by using their website video content to encourage visitors to learn more about their business.


More than 80% of marketers vouch that videos have indeed helped increase their site’s dwell time. Their website videos help convert these visitors into customers by perhaps telling a brand story, comparing their product with competitors’ products, sharing customer testimonials, explaining their products’ benefits and features and showing the product in use.

With so much to show potential customers, they naturally have to, and will stay on the site for longer.

Source : Google

Helps convince customers, and generate more sales

Marketers today use a brand’s video to help them stand out from their competitors, and in the process, convert prospects to customers. Brand videos help convince customers to buy a product or service in a way text and photos can never do.

People like watching videos

Most people today prefer watching videos than reading content. They do not have the patience to read through instructions and testimonials and prefer listening to videos.

Better recollection

There is a higher chance of customers recollecting an interesting video they had watched, than any piece of content they read. Customers recollect your business and the products or eservices you offer, which in turn leads to more potential deals and leads for you.

Besides, if your video is excellent and shareable, then any follower who likes it will want to share it too. This in turn increases your brand’s online reach. Besides, people tend to remember only 20% of what they hear, 30% of what they see but 70% of anything they both see and hear!

Is part of your company website’s SEO techniques

There is a really high chance of people who watch a video related to your brand want to pay a visit to your site to watch additional, related videos. So as long as you have interesting and quality video content to share, it will help drive people to your landing pages. If you are lucky, the videos can also help improve your site’s upgrade conversions too.

Better search ability and compatibility than text content

Potential customers do online research while looking for your products. And with YouTube being the second-biggest web search engine, it proves that promotional videos have high SERP rankings.

Besides, videos have no restrictions. You can use them to promote anything you have to offer like gadgets, alarm systems, distance learning or cell phones. This in turn leads to a higher demand for videos.

People tend to share videos

Sharing videos are practically second nature today. Most people tend to share any interesting vivo they see. This in tune provides for additional marketing of your products or services.

If you are lucky your video may end up going viral because videos are generally shared much more when compared to other text and link content.

Offers equal opportunity to all businesses

Videos can help market both start-ups and established brands in their marketing, which means that it offers equal opportunities to both brands. The winner is the brand that comes up with an attractive, innovative and inventive video that reaches out to potential customers, and makes them connect, and eventually convert.

Also educates and entertains

Videos are not only informative and advertorial in nature, they also connect with your customers’ sentiments. This in turn makes it easier for you to convert them to customers. 

Instant feedback

With people leaving their remarks and reactions after watching a video, you get instant feedback and remarks on them. This gives you ample room to make improvements as per your target’s preferences. Besides judging by the remarks, you get an idea of the type of videos that help attract more leads and conversions.

Never-ending promotion

Videos live, and promote your brand forever online. They remain on the web for years to come and help promote your brand for free. You benefit the most if you create a masterful, really helpful video that sustains well for a lifelong.

With so much of a demand for promotional videos, it’s time you too considered using promotional videos to effectively market your brand and product.

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