Moving Costs – 6 tips to Help Reduce Them


As mentioned in my earlier post, 6 Moving tips every homemaker and professional should know, moving cost is one of the reasons people hesitate about hiring professional movers.

They prefer doing the entire relocation process on their own to save money. However did you know that it’s possible to reduce moving costs through the following strategies?

Choose the right time to move

Where possible try to move during the weekdays, and preferably before summer or school vacation starts. This is because most of the people do their shifting during the holidays so that they will be ready in their new home in time for the new academic year.  

Sunday is also the more preferred choice for a move so that you needn’t have to take a day off from work. However is this true? It may not stand true in all cases.


The best way to determine whether you should move on a weekday or the weekend is by comparing the moving costs for a day, and the salary you stand to lose with a day’s leave.

So if the move costs 1500 rupees on a Sunday and only 1000 rupees on a weekday, and your salary loss in a day is 1200 rupees then it’s worth taking a day’s leave and moving on a weekday. You only have to pay 1000 instead of 1500, while you lose 1200 rupees from your salary.

Gather and compare quotes and costs

Don’t settle for the rates of the first moving company you find. Look around, gather quotes from a few moving companies. Hire local movers based near our new or existing home.

They generally charge less for the move because they don’t have to spend too much time or fuel reaching your place to carry your belongings o you new home.

Don’t forget to find out whether the moving costs include packing and unpacking and packing material costs while comparing. Some movers give a quote only for the move, and charge extra later on for all packing essentials.

Hire licensed and insured moving companies

While looking around, contact only licensed and insured companies which have been around for some time. Their license ensures the company will not disappear into thin air with your advance depots.

While the insurance ensures the company will take responsibility of your belongings during the move. The insurance coverage will pay for any accidents or damages incurred to your belongings during the move.

Sometimes these companies may charge a bit higher, but they are worth the extra costs. Especially if you have lots of fragile or sentimental furniture and products that face the risk of getting damaged in transit.

Specialized movers

If you have something ungues and difficult to move like a piano, then it’s better to hire professional movers who specialize in moving pianos. At least hire movers who have moved a piano before. They know the tricks, and equipment to use to safely move your piano without inflicting any damage to it.

  • Pack appropriately

Many a time you’re moving budget goes out of hand not through the actual move, but the consequent unexpected expenses. As it’s not feasible to cook, you will have to spend on hotel food for lunch and dinner.

It’s just cooking that you cannot do. You can however make a few sandwiches which will be more than enough to take you through the day. It’s much cheaper and healthier too.

Similarly when you reach your new home there are a few things you’ll need immediately. They include your toiletries, medications and basic kitchen essentials.

This is why it’s better to pack all of these necessities in a single box, and carefully label it mentioning what exactly the box contains. Trust me; you won’t have the patience, or energy, to go checking through all the boxes for this box at the end of the day.

If you don’t do this, you’ll end up buying something you already have, which is an unnecessary expense at this point when you are on a moving budget.

Let the professionals do it

Last, but not least, let the professional movers do the move. Though you may think you will be able to help by packing few things and lifting the dining table set, it’s better avoided if you have a weak back or weak knee.

The strain on your back and knee may start making it weak, and you will end up having to spend on doctor and medication bills or even take a day’s leave anyway to recuperate.

Now that you know how to reduce and manage with your moving costs and budget, you can finally relocate and will have some money remaining at the end of the day.

Besides, professionals know exactly what to bring for the move. They will bring as many moving boxes and packing materials as you require, and start packing. This is better than your having to spend time and fuel repeatedly heading to the stationary store to buy all your packing material and boxes.


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