Best Mattress Cleaning Tips to Avoid Disease


Although it is advised and suggested to be 8-10 hours a day, yet we manage to take a nap of 6-7 hours a day in our busy schedule. Sometimes we take our snacks, play with our pets, allow our kids to play, gossip with friends over it, it is the comfort partner of our sleep, the Mattress. In due course of all these activities dead cells, sweat, oil and dirt from our body make their way onto it. For this reason, numerous recommendations from various housekeeping organisations and health-care and wellness organisations are given to keep our mattress clean.

Cleaning a mattress is not any such activity, which might daunt you or is going to take hours away from your busy schedule, but if not cleaned, it might take you days to recover from infections or diseases you might get affected with.

The most convenient and hassle free methods of maintaining a clean mattress can be enumerated as follows:

Eliminate the dust: The upholstery tool of the vacuum cleaner comes handy in this task as it can draw the dust out of the surface beneath the fabric layer on pressing firmly from the top and the sides of the mattress. The crevice tools goes inside the quilting along the edge welting and attached pillow tops. Steam spray from a garment steamer can kill dust and dirt mites if used before using the vacuum cleaner.

Remove old stains: If you had snacks or played or slept with your pet then chances of stains and odours exists. Many upholstery cleaners formulated for removal of pet stains and odour are available in leading veterinary and sanitation stores in market, which not only removes the stains or odour, but also kills viral infiltrators which can cause you infections.


Removal of arrogant stains: Stains of coffee, tea or red wine are very much arrogant and cannot be removed by normal cleaning. Hence for their removal, a combination of hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and baking soda can be sprayed over the stained area and rubbed with a clean cloth to get a clean surface. Hydrogen peroxide gives a deep cleanse of the bacterial allergens and liquid soap and baking soda gets rid of surface allergens.

Air and Sunlight: This is the most easy, effective and natural way to get rid of microorganisms off your mattress. If it is possible to haul your mattress at an area of abundance of sunlight and fresh air, then bacteria can be eliminated naturally.

Habits to embrace:

Habit_1: Change your bed sheets at least once every 2 weeks. And when you change your sheets, leave them off all day – you’d be surprised at how much this discourages bacterial growth.

Habit_2: Rotate your mattress once a month to ensure even wear and tear.

Habit_3: Similarly, flip your mattress once every quarter of the year.

Habit_4: Vacuum your mattress. Just make sure you use a clean upholstery adaptor, otherwise you risk bringing more bacteria to the party.

Habit_5: Try and keep the temperature of your bedroom down, since mites and other bacteria love warm conditions.

Habit_6: Get rid of any houseplants. They might be easy on the eye, but you’re essentially giving insects, dust and pollen a free pass to do what they want.

Habit_7: Air out your mattress on a regular basis. If it’s a sunny day, you can even put you mattress outside and let the sun dry it out. This will help eradicate mold and mildew.


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