Men may not be scumbags but is there equality for women?


Hi! It was after reading another post on this blog by my fellow writer about men not being cheating scumbags; well I feel that while I do pity the writer for the incident that happened, this is just a case of a man getting ambushed for entering the woman’s compartment of the train.

That’s all he had to endure. Getting ambushed in a train, and nothing more. For a mistake he’d done, no matter how trivial it may seem.

But what I have to say is do men have to fear walking or travelling home at nights after a long day’s work? How many cases have you heard about a group of girls leering at boys or men, staring at them, and like in so many cases, ending up getting raped by men? It’s only the women, who work hard and are returning home that have to go through all this.

And does anyone chide men about the clothes they wear? It doesn’t matter if they wear shorts (no matter how short it is), or if they go sleeveless or even shirtless. There are no remarks about their attire. However it’s not the same with girls.


If girls wear something a little too short, or a little too revealing, then people say they have no character and are cheap girls. What should girls and women wear?

If you gauge their clothes based on how much of the body is revealed, even wearing a sari can’t be considered safe. It’s proven by the fact that even Draupadi wasn’t safe in a sari……and there weren’t transparent or lacy saris centuries ago!

Now there’s sure to be someone out there who will say that there are cases of men getting raped and sodomy. I do agree about that. There are no doubt quite a few such cases.

However once again, who does it to them? Random people on the road? No. It’s usually their spouses, their own mates or some people they know. Not like girls who end up being a sexual piece of satisfaction for not only known men, but also unknown men or rather sex predators. Women are practically helpless in the eyes of these male predators.

Have you heard of women raping women? No. It’s always the men who have no control on their senses. They are the ones who assault both women and men, and most of them get away with it.

Looking at all this, the only thing that’s need at this hour is not equal rights, or even reservations. All that is actually needed is control over mind. It’s when a person finally manages to garner some control over their minds will the world become a safer and better place to be without any untoward accidents and episodes.

If there are no men who look at women like preys, do you think there will be a need of any ladies compartment or reserved seats for women? And why do you think there are reserved seats for women in the first place?

How many men do you find going shopping, and returning home with two bags full of monthly rations? Do men have the burden of carrying a baby for nine months? How many men do you see haggling on trains with a child in one hand, another hand holding bags and another child returning from school?

It’s because women have so much of a burden to haul around them, wherever they do that they deserve a seat. Did you know that there’s nothing like a ladies’ compartment or reserved seats in European and US countries?

This is because the men there know how tired and deserving a woman is for a seat, and gratefully sacrifice their seat for them. It’s in the Asian countries that men consider women to be a machine, and do not have the natural instinct to give up their seats to them.

So now when you look at all this, who’s actually to blame for the guy who’s pushed away for entering the ladies’ compartment. At least he was just pushed away… just imagine what would happen if the same thing happens to a lady entering a carriage with only men. Not only do they stare at her like they have never seen a lady before, many of them will also start groping her too.

All this proves that no matter how you show it, or how you tell it, men are definitely not as vulnerable as women. Despite crying out so loudly for women equality and women empowerment, there’s still a rape going on out there as I write this article. There’s still a women facing domestic abuse for sexual or monetary reasons and there are still women who cannot even leave the house without a male’s permission.

Its only if and when the male’s thinking and approach towards a girl and woman changes will there be actually equality amongst the sexes. Till then, we just have to keep volleying between stories of men getting slapped at train stations for climbing the wrong bogey, and women getting groped, raped, ogled and belittled by their colleagues and even family members for no fault of theirs…..

This is just my opinion….opinions vary….yours may be different!  

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