Did you know the social media reduces self-esteem levels?


Did you know that you subconsciously feed’ the low self-esteem demon inside you? And did you know that the social media plays an important role in reducing your self-esteem?

Yes, you are the main reason for your low confidence levels which only gets lower because you concentrate and think about your flaws. These flaws could be your weight, your looks or some handicap like stammering. And it’s usually the constant reminder of these flaws by the society and people around you, and on the social media that stems to low self-esteem levels.

Yes, you need to lose weight if you are obese, but it’s not the end of the world. There’s more to you, or about you than your weight like your nature, intelligence and looks. Learn to focus on that, and you’ll experience a boost in your self-esteem levels.

Everyone has flaws, and it’s normal


There’s much more you can do to feel better about yourself the main thing you need to remember is that no one is perfect, even the most confident person you know has some flaws. 

It’s just that they don’t think about what’s wrong with themselves but on the contrary focus on either improving or ignoring these flaws and moving forward to bring out the best in themselves. Their focus in life is in bringing out the best in them, and not worrying about what’s wrong or their flaws.

While this is the first step at boosting your low esteem levels, the following tips will also prove helpful to learn how to increase women’s self-esteem. 

• Reduce time spent on the social media 

Many people tend to spend lots of time on the social media thinking that it will help them forget about their insecurities. They assume that they can gain positivity by looking at others, which is where there are wrong.

Instead of gaining positivity, they end up comparing and wondering how bad and boring their lives are. Women see other slimmer women doing things they can’t do because of their weight. Children feel belittled by the gadgets and stuff other kids use. and men end up getting flustered by demands because of all this.

So it’s sure that the social media does not help boost self-esteem levels at all. On the contrary, their plan only backfires as they don’t realize that other people post only the good things in life, and not the bad.

Instead of wasting time looking at others, it helps if you put your phone or PC away and personally meet people. Meet other women undergoing the same low self-esteem struggle with you, and give support to each other. You will find yourself feeling much better after meeting others sailing in the same or even worse boats!

• Let go of all the hurtful and negative words

Don’t go spiralling into the well of negative and hurtful words you constantly hear like I am ugly/too skinny/fat’ or No one likes me’ or ‘You look horrible’.

Instead of repeatedly saying things like this which will only make you feel more insecure and useless’ in life, start speaking and thinking the opposite. Be grateful about what you have, and learn to start appreciating it. 

just like you get more negative thinking about your weak points, you can actually grow more positive towards life if you start thinking about your strong points.

You may be fat, but you still can sing or cook well. Though you may not look like Miss Universe, you at least have a heart of gold, and people love being around you.

Try channelling your actions and energy to doing something you enjoy, and let others know about it. Ignore the few negative people may not recognize your efforts and cherish all the praise and positivity others pour on you. Just learn to accept yourself for what you are from within, and not what you look like from the outside!

• Start exercising

Exercising will not only help you lose weight, but will also go long way in boosting your self-esteem. Weight lifting especially gives best effects because you can measure your accomplishments, and make you want to do more. Once you start exercising, you automatically start devoting some time towards yourself and your care. 

You may feel you don’t have time for exercising. Well, you have to make time by dropping a task form your endless daily tasks and instead relax, exercise, do something funny or meet friends. Just try it and you will realize how much the half an hour spent on these activities can have such a huge influence on your self-confidence. 

Most importantly, you need to realize and acknowledge that it’s not only you who are suffering from low self-esteem. This is a universal struggle affecting women from all over the world, no matter their colour, caste, age or occupation.

You have to develop a pattern, and especially reduce your social media time to come out of this web of low self-confidence and improve your self-esteem levels.

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