Men are not Cheating Scumbags. I have Proof!


I admit this sounds like an Anti-Feminist rant but it is not. I venerate Feminists but all of you will admit that Indian Feminism has taken an Extremely Menacing Turn.

Just think about it for a minute. Consider this, a girl slaps a boy in the middle of a road. The people around will Immediately jump in and most probably lynch the boy. They will not think for a twice before doing so. If asked, they will debate, “The boy must have molested or teased the girl.”


Now, let’s consider the same situation only now the boy slaps the girl in the middle of the road. The people around will jump in lightning speed this time and probably clout the boy to a Pulp before getting him arrested on charges of violence on a Girl. No questions will be asked neither will any answers be given.

Ergo, you see whatever the case the boy is bound to be punished. No one listens to men these days. Everyone just assumes we are “Dickheads” only good for cheating and molestation.


But I say ENOUGH.

We must stand up for Men. Yes, I agree Men have wronged Women for Centuries, millennium even. Yes, we have suppressed Women and didn’t permit them to reach their full Potential. But everyone seems to forget that this ‘WE’ were a group of “Old Idealistic Male Chauvinists” who died years ago.

We, the newer generation, are not like them. We have been brought up with different morals, unorthodox ideas. We do not derive sadistic pleasure in suppressing our partners. We do not like (or heck for the matter) to want to hit our wives or girlfriends. We condemn all of the above. I condemn all of the ‘Above’. This thoughts bring bitter aftertaste in my mouth. In fact, we think of them as our Beloved Friends.

Therefore, I ask the FEMINISTS why I am being punished for things I didn’t have anything to do with. I hear a bunch of people going ‘how are you punished’ and ‘what did we do to YOU’.

For them, I want to tell a story. My personal experience I solemnly had Last month. For those who don’t know me, I am a red blooded 21-year-old Male. I was supposed to catch a Train from Kolkata (Sealdah) for Siliguri on 22 January at 9:30 pm. Due to a major traffic jam near Sealdah station, I was running late.

As a result, undoubtedly, I was in a hurry. When I reached my Platform, I saw my train had already started Moving. I sprinted fast with my backpack and a bottle of water in hand. By the time I neared, the Train was moving at quite an uncomfortable Pace. I lunged at the first door I could reach and swung myself into the compartment.

I bent forward to catch my Breath when I noted some movement in front of me. A lady maybe 45 to 50 years of age was standing in front of me.

To my utter dismay and bad luck, I had boarded the Ladies Compartment.

“What do you think you are doing here?” She rumbled.

I was taken a bit aback. Before long more Ladies of all Age groups started and joining her. The whole compartment, a minimum of 80 pairs of eyes was staring at me as if I was “A harmful Species”.

“Sorry Ma’am I was late and so I just jumped on this compartment” I sputtered out. “I’ll get down on the next stop.” I slowly retreated back a step or two.

This seemed to enrage ‘The Group’ more. “How dare you get in the Ladies compartment”, “Call the train Police”, “He Should be Arrested” these were some of the many vocalizations of opinions I heard.

We had just left the platform, and the Train was gearing up to Pick up the Pace. I suddenly felt a Shove on my Chest. The Old lady in front of me was Marching closer each step accompanied by a harsh Shove. I started Losing my Balance. I Pleaded and Begged her to Stop to Calm Down. But to no avail. She was adamant (And her shoves were strong, I weigh 70 kgs but she managed to push me back.). My heart was in my mouth as she Hustled me near the door and out of it.

I fell hard on my back. If it was not for my backpack, I would have surely injured my head. The fall was steep. The stones on the track pierced my arms and legs. Thankfully nothing was broken Save my Ego.

It took me 2 weeks to heal 100% and a month to be able to talk/write about the incident. I want to ask all the FEMINIST‘s out there if it was their ‘Goal’. Does pushing an innocent person out of a moving train only because he is a MAN give you your Equal Rights?

Moreover, don’t get me started on ‘Equality’. Oh, what a joke. Women today don’t want Essential Equality. No, they overwhelmingly want Personal Reservation everywhere. On Trains, Women want Special Compartments, on buses, they want Special Seats. We, Men, are expected to vacate our seat for Women, but the vice versa is never expected even if we are grievously injured. Heck, even the Senior Citizens are made to stand forlornly in Metros even when the Ladies seats are free.

Finally, I merely want to say, I know even today there are some Assholes who are suppressing Women. Domestic violence still remains a norm in the society. Protests against these are being made and I salute all the Victims who have come forward.

We do live In a society where #MeToo is very much real. The Stalwarts of the Society are taking advantage of Women. These Feminist Movements Against Such Practices, Norms is absolutely needed.

Even so, I merely want to plead my tragic case to all you Women, Please look inside your sorrowing hearts. Ignore the political Feminist brain and just listen to the Gentle Heart. Don’t Punish Us. We are as much as an innocent victim of the historical society as you. Just punish the Scumbags that wrong Womanhood, not all Men. For those Assholes are NOT MEN.

I humbly admit I went a little far with my fierce tirade. Mighty sorry if I have offended anyone. Please Comment and let me know your views on my rant.


Also, Share. It undoubtedly helps to get the Proper Word Out.

Live peacefully,

Forgive and Love.


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