5 Essential Points One Need to Know For Taking the Fiction Ghostwriting Services


Many people who want to complete their fiction novel but they are failing for some reason like their busy schedule keeps interrupting their work, or they keep facing the writer’s block eventually seek for the optimal solution to get their fiction novel completed on time. Ghostwriting has provided the best solution to such problems, and people all across the world are getting benefits from the services of ghostwriters.

The major problem arises when people hire the wrong person to do complete their fiction novel. It is very important that a person should hire the right person to work on their novel; else, the book will turn out to be a catastrophe. Conversed underneath are some of the imperative points that one should keep in mind while hiring a fiction ghostwriter for their fiction novel.

Ghostwriter Must Have the Right Knowledge About Fiction Writing

Writing a fiction novel or story, although it seems like a very easy job for people who have a good imagination and are able to give their thoughts proper wordings, but not everyone has this capability. It is essential that one should confirm whether the ghostwriter they want to hire should have knowledge about fiction writing or not.

Ghostwriter Must Be Able to Spot the Difference Between Fiction & Non-Fiction Writing

Some people offer the ghostwriting services to earn some extra money or as a part-time job to polish up their writing skills, and they lack primary knowledge about writing. Even there are some rookie ghostwriters who do not know the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing, which is why it is important that one should know that the ghostwriter is aware if the difference between fiction and non-fiction writing styles.


Work Experience of Ghostwriters Reflect Their Quality & Professionalism

If the ghostwriters have good work experience, especially if they have worked for the professional ghostwriting agencies, then they are more likely to serve the professionalism. Experienced people often know how to manage the work according to the time that has been given to them, and accomplish the task on the scheduled time.

Although, it is not necessary that every experienced ghostwriter has this quality and could quality and professionalism, so apparently one has to dig a little deeper for that.

Every Practised Ghostwriter Have a Portfolio That They Are Allowed to Share with Clients

It is true that the ghostwriters are not allowed to share their projects with anyone else, but professional and experienced ghostwriters always have something that they could show to their new clients. Some clients are so generous that they give some acknowledgement to the ghostwriters, like naming them as co-author or editor of the book. Also, some clients allow to share a specific portion of the work to other clients. If not, then the professional ghostwriters have work of their own that they keep saved as a part of their portfolio. One must look into the collection of work of the ghostwriter to be sure of their quality of work.

Discuss the Payments Before Hiring the Ghostwriters

Payments are indeed a compassionate matter, and people who are only after money usually does not care what they are offering in return and always ready to charge extra money from the clients. There are always alternative methods to deal with such cases. Half of the payment or a certain percent of the amount either be paid to the ghostwriters in the beginning and the rest of the money will be paid to them once the book will be published, or the other option is to pay them the full amount after they hand-over the project. But it is mandatory that it should be discussed in the beginning, along with the fees they will be charging for the services they will provide.


Hiring a ghostwriter for your book is a highly risky job, and there is no doubt to it, as it will either create your reputation in the world or generate a disaster with the poor quality of the book. It is necessary that a person who looks out to hire a fiction ghostwriter to bring ease to their life and get their book completed on time should be extra careful while hiring them so that there will be no issues in the end.


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