Ajit Chowdhury is the branch manager of SBI at Bullygunge. He worked here for the past twenty two years and that too, with utmost sincerity and honesty. Because of that, everybody in the neighborhood respects him. He is ‘Ajit Da’ for everyone, someone who can be approached for any problem. His wife Rima is two years younger than him. And they were married for sixteen years. But even living a life surrounded by elements of joy & happiness, they are not happy. Their life is devoid of a child. They went to different doctors, tried different therapies. Even prayed to different Gods. But it looked like even God is planning something else for them.

It was a Sunday morning, Ajit along with his wife travelled to “Little Stars”- an orphanage in South Kolkata. A friend of his suggested them to adopt a child. It was the only option left to them.

Rima was a little tensed. On the other hand, Ajit was excited. Throughout the journey they discussed how they would raise the child. What they should get for the child. Whether they would a boy or a girl, Rima always liked cricket and she made it clear that whether it was a boy or girl, she would teach her cricket. Ajit just smiled hearing this. Cricket fascination of his wife was nothing new to him.

Soon they reached at a signal. The timer showed two minutes. Street vendors and beggars started to gather around the cars. Rima looked at them. A little girl among them came to their car and knocked on the window. Rima felt something inside her- a pang of care. The girl stretched her arm towards her. Rima looked at her and took out a chocolate out of her purse.


But before Rima could give it to the girl, she collapsed on the road. Both Rima and Ajit came out of the car. People started to gather around. Rima held the girl on her lap- she started crying. The cars started to increase at the signal. Meanwhile, Ajit noticed that and carefully took his wife to the side of the road. Rima sat on the footpath while the girl was on her lap. Ajit tried to calm her down.

“Relax, Rima. Everything will be okay.” But they were futile against a grieving Rima. Ajit took out a bottle from the car and splashed some water on the girl’s face. She opened her eyes. Her eyes started moving. First they looked at ajit, the people around and finally a crying Rima.

“Why are you looking scared? Even my mother was scared all the time. I’m Fine.” Faint words came out of the girl.

“Where is your mother?” Ajit asked.

“She is a star now.” The girl pointed her finger up.

“And your father?”

“Don’t Know.”

“Where do you live here?” This time Rima asked.

“There.” The girl pointed to a makeshift tent under the over-bridge.

“Do you want to come with us?”

“How can I? My brother is sleeping there.”

“Both of you can come. Stay with us maybe? Call me Maa?” Rima smiled.

“Hehe. Really?” The girl’s face glowed.

Rima smiled at Ajit. “Now who will play cricket?” He realized what Rima meant.

“So let me call Kalyan. Hmm? He needs to prepare the adoption papers.”

Writer: Suman Chowdhury


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