The colour you like most will unveil your latent traits in front of the world integrally yet accurately!


We are not figurants or subtler. We have piquant factual shapes. Because,we all are included in a species – called ‘the embodied souls’ actually. We are the dwellers of the sumptuous, easeful, indulgent locus – named the planet Earth – which is carved, yet engulfed with the severity of spectrums as a matter of fact. We all are aware of the fact that – our very own planet (mother) Earth is owed by the Sun God. Yes, the endearment of Sun ray is the circumstance – which is the biggest necessity of mother Earth! We all know that, if we take a wee strip of Sun ray for a tantivy test, then we will figure out the verity that, Sun ray is unison of seven colours consecutively yet proportionally.  

We bask colours, relish colours, alarmed yet revel with colours, and we are encompassed by the portability of hefty sum of wholesome colours also. There are a legionary of enlightened ethos about colours (few of them are the rebels and inverses to each others’ even).

Yet, it is true that, colours have dense, profound relationship with human psychology. Hence, by analysing the colour choice, anybody can become a habile expert about human psychology and can unveil their latent traits too. –

1)     If gold is your favourite colour, then you are simply a transcendent – engulfed with confidence, trustworthiness, loyalty, compassion, purity and authenticity. Have a dazzling, radiant, charismatic personality, always look for the quality not for the quantity, you perceive yourself precisely, accurately. You are a leader, an attention attracter too.


2)     If you are a lover of purple, then you are an enthusiastic, kind hearted, unconventional, artistic, analytic, intuitive, independent, philosopher, a good judge, clairvoyant, moody, deep thinker, and spiritualist, slightly snob also but you awe people.

3)     White is your favourite colour? Then, you are a peace loving person; you are immaculate, simple, organized, optimistic, complacent and logical. You are not too social but boisterous!

4)     If you are a green lover, then you love to receive and share love. You are loyal, practical, steadfast, tenacious, self conscious, free, frank, nature lover.

5)     If you like the yellow colour most, then you are intelligent, inquisitive, knowledge seeker. Stay with a giggling face always.

6)       If you are a lover of red, then you are assertive, loud, valiant, competitive, ambitious, passionate, spontaneous, adventurous, and energetic.  

7)     Black is your favourite colour? Then, you are determined, sophisticated.

8)     You like the pink most? Then, you are a warm, sensitive, soft, loving person.

9)     If blue is the colour, you like most, then you are loyal, reliable, and calm by nature.

10)  If you are a brown lover, then you are dependable, modest, and humble.

11)  If you like silver colour too much, then you are imaginative, introspective and a great thinker also.


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