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The Vedas-Epitome of the Endless

We dwell upon a planet, which is filled up with endless mysteries, numerous unsolved riddles of nature
and space, endless undefined queries enough to put a great interrogation mark on the exact identity of
the atmosphere and surroundings around us. Our planet is a small part of the humongous solar system,
which is again a minute part of the Milky Way galaxy, which is again a small fragment of the Universe.
We also know that bodies are made up of infinite numbers of small entities called atoms and molecules.
Living bodies comprises of endless numbers of cells. Everywhere we take a peek, we can find ourselves
of getting entangled amidst the labyrinth of endless, infinite and uncountable factors.

The Vedas – the most ancient scriptures known to the human race highlights many such factors, which
very efficiently classifies the finiteness of the infinity around us. The sacred books has all the knowledge
and wisdom, which if imbibed and instigated with a positive attitude, is sufficient to enable an individual
to move out of the shackles of the infinity. Infinite is our emotions, our sentiments, our attachment to
illusions and our aim of achieving the goal. Study of Vedas can release our brain from the stressing
hormones, which brings tides of restlessness in our heart. It is a religious book with a label of sacredness
engraved since long and ever shall be, but, it is also a destination which can enable a person to travel
within self. Starting from us to the Universe, “Infinite” exists everywhere.

Vedas are abstract of these infinities or endlessness; hence, they are the “Epitome of the Endless”!

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