How To Make Your Old Carpets Feel Like New Again


A fleecy, velvety and revamped carpet enhances the beauty of the room or space over which it is laid upon. It boasts and shows-off the elegance and taste of sophistication of the dweller giving the visitors a grand welcome treat to their eyes. Carpets are generally costly belongings and once it gets old or suffers wear and tear, it can dishearten its owner. However, there is solution to this problem too in the do-it-yourself genre and that too in a very comprehensive and accurate mode.

Articles required:

Pair of Scissors, Carpet stain remover (non-acidic), Rag cloth, Ice cubes, Paper towels, Spoon (metallic), Hand towel, Automatic Iron, Vacuum Cleaner, Carpet shampoo and Carpet-deodorising powder.


  • Remove clutter from the targeted room and evacuate it from all furniture and heavy articles so that the current condition of the carpet can be examined properly.
  • The carpet is to be examined thoroughly by getting one hands and knees and crawling over the surface of the carpet. By laying the pair of scissors parallel to the surface of carpeting the protruding threads should be cut. No threads should be pulled out as that can deform the surface of the area.
  • Carpet stain remover should be applied over the hardened stain spots and left for sometime as instructed in the cleaner manual or sticker. After that rag cloth is to be blotted to absorb the cleaner and the stain.
  • Due to load of furniture that was kept over the carpet, dents can be formed. Identify those regions and place ice cubes over them and allow the cubes to melt completely.
  • The wet area due to the melting of ice cubes is to be blotted with paper towels gently. Application of too much pressure can increase the dent. To fluff up the dented portion, the edge of the spoon is to be brushed over the carpet area in the opposite direction of the threading.
  • If the fluffiness is not acquired by the above method, then wet a towel and squeeze all the excess water out of it. Place it over the dented area and iron it by setting the iron temperature at cotton level. If the specific cotton setting is absent on your iron then set it to the medium heat level. The towel is to be left on the dented area as long as it does not dry and after that fluff the area with your hand.
  • Use the vacuum cleaner all over the surface of the carpet to suck all dirt and dust. Upholstery fixtures of the vacuum cleaner can be used to reach to the areas not accessible normally.
  • As specified by the manufacturer, mix the cleaning solution with appropriate ratio of water in the carpet shampooer and start to apply the shampoo over the carpet by walking back and forth avoiding stepping over the damp portions of the carpet.
  • Now the carpet is to be allowed to dry completely.
  • Sprinkle the carpet deodoriser over the carpet and leave it over it for the duration as specified by the manufacturer and use the vacuum cleaner all over the carpet thoroughly for the last time so that it can absorb any other cleaning remnant or dirt.

Now what you get is a fleecy, velvety and revamped carpet to enhance the elegance of your house.


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