Smartphone – 9 mistakes to avoid while buying in 2019


Come the New Year and people who had plans of buying a Smartphone rush to buy one. It’s true that the latest phones compete one another in the features they offer.

You see new photos of the latest Smartphone and your favourite celebrities using them. You naturally want to look and act like them, and choose to use whatever they buy.

But did you know that this is a huge mistake to make? Not only you. There are so many people who make these mistakes while choosing their Smartphone in 2019.

Believing only in advertisements

Many people buy their phones just by looks and not by features. Ads only highlight some of the more prominent features. You have to do some research to learn more about the other features. You may otherwise end up buying an attractive phone with poor features like a poor memory or battery power.


Listening to salesmen

Most stores offer salesmen commission for the number of sales they manage to procure in a day. So the moment you enter a store looking for a Smartphone, you end up with the salesman who keeps pestering you to buy a phone.

Most of them do this just to earn more commission for themselves. They benefit in the end, but you may end up buying the wrong Smartphone.

Blind followers

Some people buy just because of the brand name. They fail to compare brands and models before buying their phone and end up repenting about it later on. Always buy based on reviews and the features, and not only just brand name. Many a time a cheaper unbranded phone can be much better with perhaps a better camera or battery power than one of the more expensive branded ones.

New is not always the best

It’s not necessary that you buy the latest models or new releases. Be ready to check out last year’s models which may have better features than the latest phones.

Not knowing what you want

Never make the mistake of going into a shop without knowing what it is you are looking for in a Smartphone. You only end up picking up the wrong phone if you don’t know what your requirements are in the first place.

Gamers are better off buying a phone with a large screen than a small one while frequent travellers need a phone with a good battery backup. And if it’s a phone for your mom, then it’s better to buy something that she’ll be comfortable using. Not the complicated latest Smartphone she will never know how to use!

There’s more to a Smartphone than the camera

A Smartphone’s main purpose is communication, and not photography. You have cameras for that. But today’s youth tend to place more emphasis on the camera.

They end up with a slow phone or insufficient memory problems because the phone is always full of photos. Instead of just focusing on the camera, it’s better to check out other important features before buying your Smartphone.

Don’t go by size

Books can‘t be judged by the cover, and neither can a Smartphone. YEs, you do need a large screen for gaming. But at the same time, the Smartphone should also have a processor that is strong enough to support it.

It’s the processor that lets you do so much on the Smartphone-like making phone calls, storing photos, documents and videos, listening to music and checking the social media. Phones with too slow a processor make it all the more difficult for you to multitask on the phone.

Not reading reviews

Never make the mistake of not reading reviews before buying a Smartphone. You learn a lot about hones through customer reviews, things you won’t find in commercials or even phone reviews. Though reading these reviews may take some time, it’s time well invested.

No headphone jack or USB port

Some people make the mistake of buying a Smartphone without checking its USB port and headphone jack. You never know when you need some privacy while talking, or watching movies or listening to music.

 You’ll end up repenting not checking these features when you need them the most like if you need to charge the battery through the USB port but can’t because of poor cable tuning.

So you see there are so many mistakes you may make if you buy a Smartphone blindly. You have to do your share of research, read reviews and perhaps even ask friends and accomplices for suggestions when you plan to buy a new Smartphone in 2019.

Don’t just buy blindly, and on an impulse just because your favourite celebrity uses a particular phone or because the sales boy has a wonderful sales pitch!


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