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Spotting a female narcissist can be challenging, but understanding the signs and symptoms is crucial for identifying whether your wife or girlfriend is a narcissist. In this article, we will dive deep into the seven signs of a female narcissist, exploring what makes a woman narcissistic and how her behavior may differ from that of a male narcissist. By recognizing these signs, you can gain valuable insights into the dynamics of your relationship and take appropriate steps towards a healthier, more balanced partnership.

What is a Narcissistic Woman?

Statistics show that narcissism manifests differently in women compared to men. While men account for the majority of diagnosed Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) cases, it’s important to consider the potential gender bias in the diagnostic framework. A narcissistic woman is characterized by a pervasive pattern of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy.

Signs of a Female Narcissist

Identifying the signs of a female narcissist can help shed light on their behavior and provide clarity in your relationship. Here are the seven key signs to look out for:

1. Sense of Entitlement

A female narcissist often expects special treatment and compliance with her expectations. She believes she deserves privileges and may become angry or indignant if her demands are not met.


2. Manipulative Behavior

Manipulation is a common tactic employed by female narcissists to achieve their own ends without feeling guilt or remorse. They use others as pawns in their game, exploiting their emotions and manipulating situations to their advantage.

3. Need for Admiration

A narcissistic woman craves constant attention and validation from others. She seeks admiration and adoration to fuel her self-esteem and may go to great lengths to ensure she remains the center of attention.

4. Lack of Empathy

One of the defining traits of a narcissist is their inability or unwillingness to recognize or identify with the feelings of others. A female narcissist lacks empathy and may disregard the emotions and needs of those around her.

5. Envious of Others

A narcissistic woman often believes that others are envious of her and may become resentful or bitter toward those who achieve success or receive attention. She struggles with genuine happiness for others and may try to undermine their accomplishments.

6. Arrogance

Exhibiting behaviors or attitudes of superiority is another hallmark of a female narcissist. She may constantly assert her dominance and belittle others to maintain a sense of power and control.

7. Sensitive to Criticism

When faced with criticism, a narcissistic woman reacts with anger, disdain, or defensiveness. She struggles to accept any form of critique, perceiving it as a personal attack on her character or abilities.

Real Life Examples of Narcissist Characteristics in Females

Real-life examples of narcissistic traits in women can vary widely, but they often follow consistent patterns of behavior. Here are some common characteristics observed in female narcissists:

  • Charming yet Superficial: A female narcissist may initially charm others but lacks the ability to form deep, meaningful connections.
  • Attention-Seeking: Seeking validation, a narcissistic woman may constantly post on social media or feel upset if she is not the center of attention.
  • Exploitative Relationships: Female narcissists often take more from relationships than they give, using others for their own gain.
  • Projecting an Image of Perfection: They strive to maintain an image of perfection and superiority, often through extravagant purchases or a glamorous lifestyle.
  • Poor Reaction to Criticism: When confronted with criticism, a narcissistic woman may lash out, withdraw, or manipulate to protect her fragile ego.
  • Lack of Accountability: Taking responsibility for their actions is a rarity for female narcissists, as they tend to shift blame onto others.
  • Emotional Volatility: Exhibiting dramatic mood swings and disproportionate emotional reactions is common among narcissistic women.

How Narcissistic Wives Treat Their Husbands

Covert narcissistic wives may exhibit challenging behaviors that can strain their relationships. They often dominate conversations and decisions, insisting on having the final say. These wives struggle with empathy, making it difficult for them to acknowledge their husband’s feelings and needs.

Narcissistic wives frequently manipulate situations to their advantage. When confronted, they may deflect blame or respond with hostility. These individuals crave excessive attention and admiration from their husbands, often belittling them to maintain a sense of superiority. In such relationships, husbands often feel undervalued and emotionally drained.

Steps to Take When Recognizing Signs of a Narcissistic Wife or Girlfriend

Recognizing and addressing the signs of narcissism in a partner is crucial for maintaining emotional health. Here are steps you can take when you suspect your wife or girlfriend may be a narcissist:

  1. Start a Calm, Honest Conversation: Express your concerns in a calm and non-confrontational manner, emphasizing the impact of their behavior on the relationship.
  2. Establish Personal Boundaries: Set clear boundaries to protect your well-being and prevent further manipulation or emotional abuse.
  3. Seek Support: Lean on a support network of family and friends who can offer guidance and understanding.
  4. Consider Professional Counseling: Explore the option of couples counseling or individual therapy to address the dynamics of the relationship and foster personal growth.
  5. Stay Informed: Educate yourself about narcissistic behaviors and coping strategies to better navigate the challenges that may arise.
  6. Prioritize Self-Care: Regardless of the direction the relationship takes, prioritize self-care to maintain your emotional and mental well-being.

FAQs on Narcissist Wife or Girlfriend Signs

Q: What are the seven signs of a female narcissist?A: The seven signs of a female narcissist include exaggerated self-importance, a constant need for admiration, a sense of entitlement, exploiting others, a lack of empathy, envy of others, and arrogant behaviors.

Q: How do narcissistic wives treat their husbands?A: Narcissistic wives often lack empathy and treat their husbands with manipulative behaviors, excessive need for attention and admiration, criticism and belittlement, and an unwillingness to consider their husband’s needs or feelings.


Identifying the signs of a female narcissist is essential for understanding the dynamics of your relationship. By recognizing the signs and taking appropriate steps, you can work towards a healthier and more balanced partnership. Remember to prioritize your own well-being and seek support from trusted friends, family, or professionals when needed.

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