The Butterfly Effect


We often say that if this was like this, things could be different. American meteorologist and mathematician Edward Lorentz named this concept as ‘The Butterfly Effect’ in the year 1960. According to The Butterfly Effect one small change in present can change the whole future. Like, if some butterflies  flap their wings in New Mexico ,it can cause a hurricane in China. Lorentz first developed this concept when he was studying weather forecast with precise variables like humidity, temperature etc. He noticed that a small change in any of this variables can dramatically change the weather. The Butterfly Effect or Chaos theory says that for every event there can be a different outcome. But there were some really small and negligible events which changed our life and our world completely. Lets discuss about such events which looks negligible but had a great effect in our lives.

The Wrong Turn

World War 1 had a huge effect on world politics and economy. But suppose if it didn’t happen, that means no killings, no economic drop, no Hitler, no World War 2. It all started with a wrong turn. Archduke of Austria Francis Ferdinand’s car was attacked by a grenade. But it misses the target and injured the others. Later that day duke and his wife was going to see the injured people.  And then the driver of the car made a wrong turn. An assassin named Gavrilo Princip was there and when he saw Duke and his wife he came over and killed both of them. After this event, WW1 had started. Now imagine if the driver didn’t make a wrong turn then probably WW1 would never happen.

If The Trigger Was Pulled

Some says the seed of WW2 was hidden in the WW1.But this would never happen if a man decided to pull the trigger of his gun. A British soldier named Henry Tandey had a chance to kill Adolf Hitler when wounded young Hitler came in the line of fire in a village of France .But in spite of killing, Tandey decided to let him walk. Young Hitler nodded and walked away. Now imagine if Tandey pull the trigger that day , then may be WW2 would never happen, no atom bomb and maybe world wouldn’t have to face Holocaust.

The Back Brace

The assassination of John F Kennedy is one of the popular and interesting event in history. In the age of 20, J F Kennedy faced an accident during a game and that accident gifted him a never ending back pain. He started to use back braces for the pain. But no one knew that, this back braces would become a cause of his death after 23 years.  In the assassination the killer first missed his target. There was a chance to duck the second bullet for him, but because of his back braces he sat still and that helped the killer to make a clear shot. Some says if he didn’t wear back braces that day, he might have survived.

The Partition

The partition was a classical example of the butterfly effect. The leader of All India Muslim League and Pakistan’s first governor-general Muhammad Ali Jinnah’s grandfather Premjibhai  Meghji Thakkar was a prosperous Hindu mechant from Gujrat who made his own fortune in the fish business. But he was thrown out of their Lohana caste because of their strong religious natures .And when Premjibhai tried to return to his religion, others disagreed and insulted him and his family. This shook Premjibhai’s son Punjalal Thakkar(Father of Jinnah). He was so angry that he changed his religion and changed the name of his four sons including Jinnah. Now imagine if Premjibhai was welcomed in his religion then maybe Jinnah stayed as a Hindu and the partition would never happen.   

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